The oldest cities in the world

Here is the list of the oldest cities in the world:

NameTypeCountryFounding date
JerichoCityPalestine4000 BC
SusaCityIran4000 BC
UrukCityIraq3500 BC
ThebesCityEgypt3200 BC
Bab ed-DhraCityJordan3200 BC
ThinisCityEgypt3100 BC
FaiyumCityEgypt3100 BC
ByblosCityLebanon3000 BC
BeirutCityLebanon3000 BC
AbydosCityEgypt3000 BC
AdabCityIraq3000 BC
UrCityIraq3000 BC
ReimsCityFrance3000 BC
NippurCityIraq3000 BC
ShuruppakCityIraq3000 BC
ZabalamCityIraq3000 BC
HusbandCitySyria3000 BC
BaalbekCityLebanon3000 BC
Heracleopolis MagnaCityEgypt2970 BC
EriduCityIraq2900 BC
JerusalemCityIsrael2800 BC
TireCityLebanon2750 BC
GizaCityEgypt2700 BC
HarappaCityPakistan2600 BC
MohenjodaroCityPakistan2600 BC
UmmaCityIraq2585 BC
EblaCitySyria2500 BC
LagashCityIraq2500 BC
KirkukCityIraq2335 BC
BabylonCityIraq2286 BC
KnossosCityGreece2200 BC
ThebesCityGreece2140 BC
LuoyangCityChina2070 BC
AleppoCitySyria2004 BC
SagalassosCityTurkey2000 BC
ErbilCityIraq1975 BC
MiletusCityTurkey1900 BC
HasankeyfCityTurkey1800 BC
RhodesCityGreece1600 BC
BalkhCityafghanistan1500 BC
SidonCityLebanon1500 BC
LuxorCityEgypt1400 BC
DamascusCityLebanon1350 BC
StrasbourgCityFrance1300 BC
AmfissaCityGreece1300 BC
KadeshCitySyria1300 BC
KarnakCityEgypt1292 BC
LarnacaCityCyprus1200 BC
GordionCityTurkey1200 BC
Medinet HabouCityEgypt1153 BC
CadizCitySpain1104 BC
UticaCityTunisia1101 BC
Xi'anCityChina1100 BC
PlovdivCityRussia1100 BC
PatrasCityGreece1050 BC
RayCityIran1000 BC
CarthageCityTunisia814 BC
AthensCityGreece800 BC
PalermoCityItaly800 BC
CataniaCityItaly800 BC
SardisCityTurkey800 BC
MalagaCitySpain800 BC
SyracuseCityItaly800 BC
PetraCityJordan800 BC
RomeCityItalyApril 21, 753 BC
Van FortressCityTurkey750 BC
NaxosCityItaly735 BC
NaplesCityItaly700 BC
TripoliCityLibya700 BC
ArgosCityGreece700 BC
VaranasiCityIndia700 BC
KavalaCityGreece650 BC
PompeiiCityItaly600 BC
kiteCityItaly600 BC
VarnaCityBulgaria600 BC
ThebesCityGreece600 BC
PaestumCityItaly600 BC
GenoaCityItaly600 BC
MarseillesCityFrance600 BC
BolognaCityItaly534 BC
PersepolisCityIran521 BC
PlataeaCityGreece500 BC
TiwanakuCityBolivia500 BC
GraeaCityGreece500 BC
AngersCityFrance500 BC
TarantoCityItaly500 BC
TanagraCityGreece500 BC
HalicarnassusCityTurkey500 BC
ThapsacusCitySyria400 BC
AgdeCityFrance400 BC
TermessosCityTurkey400 BC
TangierCityMorocco400 BC
SelgeCityTurkey400 BC
ArlesCityFrance400 BC
AgenCityFrance400 BC
Vaison-la-RomaineCityFrance400 BC
MegalopolisCityGreece371 BC
AlexandriaCityEgypt331 BC
ThessalonikiCityGreece315 BC
TarbesCityFrance300 BC
MateraCityItaly300 BC
BilbaoCitySpain250 BC
NimesCityFrance200 BC
AlbiCityFrance120 BC
BayeuxCityFrance100 BC
Luc-en-DioisCityFrance100 BC
LyonCityFrance43 BC
OrangeCityFrance35 BC

Thus the oldest city on the planet would be Jericho of Palestine, tied with Susa of Iran. It would be 6000 years old.

The oldest city in France would be Reims and would be 5000 years old. The first large city is Marseille, formerly Massalia, founded 2600 years ago.

According to historians, Bab ed-Dhra could be Sodom and Numeira would be Gomorrah.