Number of reptiles in the world

Here is the number of the different reptiles in the world.

AnimalTypePopulationSource yearSource
LizardsReptile1 x 10^112017Weborus estimation
SnakesReptile3,600,000,0002017Weborus estimation
ChameleonsReptile10,000,0002017Weborus estimation
Sea turtlesReptile1,140,0002011FPIR NOAA
IguanasReptile300,0002008Galapagos Org
Aldabra giant tortoisesReptile100,0002004Payne, Roger
Leatherback turtlesReptile60,0002017WWF
Galapagos giant tortoisesReptile25,0002012Galapagos Org
Eastern box turtlesReptile10,0002005J.C. Lee pers.
Kleinmann's tortoisesReptile7,4702002Perälä
Komodo dragonsReptile5,0002002Trooper Walsh
Box turtlesReptile2,5002002van Dijk P.P
GharialsReptile2,0002006Renan AUFRAY
Snake-necked turtlesReptile2,0002017Weborus estimation
Siamese crocodilesReptile1,0002011IUCN
White alligatorsReptile122009Telegraph

Lizards represent 97 of the reptiles. With their cousins, they patiently await the return of their reign, which will have lasted nearly 174 million years.

Next come serpents and very far behind the chameleons.

There is a total of 103 billion of reptiles on Earth.