Number of public workers in Denmark

Here are the number of civil servants in Denmark, the population, the number of workers, the proportion of civil servants in relation to the population and the labor force. As well as the respective figures in USA, UK, Canada, Australia to better compare these countries.

CountryPopulationLabour forceLabour force shareNumber of public workersPublic workers share
over the population
Public workers share
over the Labour force


UK: Office for National Statistics UK, 2017.
USA: FRED Economic Data, 2018.
Australia: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017.
Canada: Fraser Institute, 2013.
Danemark: Statistics Denmark, 2018.

Denmark is often taken as an example for its avant-garde policy. The reality is that Denmark remains a small country. This country does have a record number of public servants in the world and is doing pretty well.

Book that can interest you :

The book Public Sector Organizations and Cultural Changes talk about the privatization of the public section, that is in debate since the 90s. The government has launched a significant transformation of the national services due to the cultural change.