Number of fishes in the world

Here is the number of fish on the planet :

AnimalTypePopulationSource yearSource
Marine fishesFish4 x 10^162011NPR
GonostomatidaeFish5 x 10^152015Broad, William J
AnchoviesFish3,8 x 10^132010FAO
SardinesFish1,3 x 10^132009FAO
MackerelsFish4,7 x 10^112009FAO
HerringsFish3,9 x 10^112010FAO
CarpsFish2 x 10^112017Weborus estimation
SolesFish1 x 10^112017Weborus estimation
GobiesFish1 x 10^112017Weborus estimation
SalmonsFish28,350,000,0002017Weborus estimation
TroutsFish3,000,000,0002017Weborus estimation
MoraysFish800,000,0002017Weborus estimation
GroupersFish200,000,0002017Weborus estimation
Domestic fishesFish170,000,0002017Pet Secure
EelsFish150,000,0002017Weborus estimation
RaysFish8,062,5002017Weborus estimation
Bluefin tunasFish1,270,0002006IUCN
Greenland sharksFish28,0002017Weborus estimation
Hammerhead sharksFish26,5002005NOAA Fisheries
SawsharkFish21,0002017Weborus estimation
Grey reef sharksFish15,0002017Weborus estimation
Basking sharksFish10,1002007DFO MPO
Silky sharksFish10,0002017Weborus estimation
Maltese skatesFish7,0402013IUCN
Whale sharksFish7,0112016Norman et al.
Shortfin mako sharksFish6,0002017Weborus estimation
Leopard sharksFish5,0002017Weborus estimation
Great white sharksFish3,5002010Stanford University
Great hammerhead sharksFish3,0002017Weborus estimation
Tiger sharksFish2,8352015NEFSC NOAA
Pacific Sleeper sharksFish1,7792000NOAA Fisheries
Bull sharksFish5002011BBC News
Lemon SharksFish5001994Cortés and Gruber

Fish are 100,000 times more numerous on Earth than humans. This is mainly due to the size of several species. Or the small ones that do not have time to grow and are quickly devoured in the food chain. We can find among the most common : anchovies, sardines, mackerels, herrings, …

According to the FAO, each year, between 100 and 150 million tonnes of fish are fished. This figure remains stable over the last 20 years. Except that today, almost 40% come from aquaculture. Illegal fishing represents a third of legal fishing. It is estimated that this represents 2,740 billion of fish killed each year. That’s 86,000 fish per second! By a fleet of 1.3 million boats.

Only 3 species out of the 54 most caught are able to regenerate fast enough to replenish the stock each year. That means that in 2040, the current overfishing will lead to a major crisis of the sector with quantities that will have drastically decreased.

There is a total of 45 quadrillion (million of billion) of fish on Earth.