Number of animals killed on the road

In Tasmania, there are more than 100,000 animals crushed each year on the roads. 1.5 to 2% of them are devils of Tasmania, a species that is in great regression.

In Canada, over 1.6% of road crashes occur with local wildlife. Nearly 2.7% of drivers intentionally crush reptiles such as snakes and turtles according to a 2007 study. While 3% of the drivers will on the contray stop to save reptiles from the road.

In the United States, a study of more than 1923 dead animals showed that 81% of them were mammals, 15% birds, 3% reptiles and amphibians, 1% were unknown (indescribable). It is estimated that each year 41 million of squirrels are crushed, 26 million of cats, 22 million of rats, 19 million of opossums, 15 million of raccoons, 6 million of dogs, 350,000 of deers. According to the insurance, the large mammals would represent 1 collision out of 169, or a total of 1.25 million collisions that require a claim. The damage is US $ 1.2 billion. While for insects, it is estimated that 32,500 billion die on the windshields and bumpers of cars, buses and trucks.

In France, the number of collisions with mammals has increased from 3700 per year in 1997 to 23 500 per year in 2007. The cost of accidents is estimated at 115-180 million euros per year. Among wild mammals, the most concerned are deer (55%), wild boar (45%). Regarding insects, it is estimated that 66 000 billion of them are crushed every year in France alone. This would represent 100 tons of dead insects.

In the Netherlands, nearly 1,600 billion insects would be crushed every year.

In Europe, between 350,000 and 27 million birds are killed each year on roads.

And these figures do not take into account the animals thrown out through the window on the highway, ie the cats and dogs whose masters wish to get rid of. You see more and more kittens crushed on the highway. Statistics are still unknown.

In order to reduce these numbers, there is a need to respect biological corridors, restore fencing, wildlife crossings, to temporarily close roads, install road signs, install lighting devices, sound devices, Decrease speed when needed.

Elon Musk’s solution to create underground networks to propel cars using electric trolleys could also greatly reduce the number of animals and insects killed on the roads.


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