Nuclear electricity price

Here is the evolution of the MWh price from nuclear power plants:

2025 (2013)126,0LCOE UK
2017146,7Lazard Mean LCOE US
201696,2Lazard LCOE US
2015123,6BNEF Summit UK
2015115,5Lazard LCOE US
2014121,6BNEF Summit UK
2014112,0Lazard LCOE US
2014109,0OpenEI DB LCOE US
201393,2LCOE UK
201391,2Bloomberg new energy finance
201386,7NEI US
2013116,3BNEF Summit UK
2012105,7BNEF Summit UK
201199,1BNEF Summit UK
201159,0French LCOE
201088,5BNEF Summit UK
201049,2Energy White Paper (Japan)
200964,8BNEF Summit UK
200854,2BNEF Summit UK
200750,9BNEF Summit UK
200648,9BNEF Summit UK
200550,2BNEF Summit UK
200455,5BNEF Summit UK
200359,9BNEF Summit UK
200262,1BNEF Summit UK
200163,4BNEF Summit UK
The price seems to have risen from $53 around 2004 to $94 by 2011, then to $124 by 2016. The companies are only starting to increase the prices of electricity that have been frozen for many years by the respective successive governments to please the electorate.

This is due to the emergence of competition, the possibility for individuals to generate their own electricity, but especially the massive investments in the latest generation of nuclear power plant: WPR and the constant research in nuclear fusion.