The best multifunction black and white laser printer

List of the best laser printers with scanner that print in black and white.

BrandModelPPMPrinter resolutionScanner resolutionYearPriceToner priceReviewsAverage rating
BrotherMFC-L2700DW302400 x 600600 x 24002014159 $43 $34314.25
BrotherMFC-L2740DW302400 x 600600 x 24002014200 $43 $14414.23
SamsungSL-M2070FW201200 x 12001200 x 12002014147 $-15084.04
HPLaserJet Pro M277DW11600 x 6001200 x 12002015327 $80 $22404.00
BrotherDCP-L2520DW262400 x 600600 x 24002014137 $54 $6744.18
BrotherDCP-L2500D262400 x 600600 x 24002014--3144.26
BrotherMFC-7840W222400 x 600600 x 24002004290 $63 $3694.23
BrotherDCP-1510202400 x 600600 x 12002013--4164.07
HPLaserJet Pro M477FDW24600 x 6001200 x 12002015512 $90 $5543.93
SamsungSL-M2885FW284800 x 6001200 x 12002014165 $84 $4233.90
BrotherDCP-L2560DW302400 x 600600 x 24002014-45 $2154.22
BrotherDCP-L2540DN302400 x 600600 x 24002014477 $35 $2164.20
HPLaserJet Pro M426FDW304800 x 12001200 x 12002015320 $942534.13
BrotherMFC-1910W202400 x 600600 x 12002014-45 $2574.04
BrotherMFC-L2720DW302400 x 600600 x 24002014300 $68 $1274.58
BrotherDCP-1610W202400 x 600600 x 12002014--1643.96
BrotherDCP-1512202400 x 600600 x 12002013--2473.87
BrotherDCP-1612W202400 x 600600 x 1200201575 $-1143.86
BrotherDCP-8070282400 x 600600 x 24002009-83 $344.80
BrotherDCP-L5500DN401200 x 12001200 x 12002016384 $97 $344.58
BrotherDCP-8060282400 x 6001200 x 6002004500 $78 $103.74

PPM : pages per minutes. Reviews: reviews from different online shops. Original brand toner.

N°1 : Brother MFC-L2700DW

The best printer if we believes this ranking is therefore the Brother MFC-L2700DW. It prints 30 pages per minute, it has Ethernet and Wi-Fi, and can print up to 2600 pages per toner. Brother is the most powerful brand for the laser.

N°2 : Brother MFC-L2740DW

This printer has the same specifications as the Brother MFC-L2700DW, except that it is more expensive to buy. Toners are also more expensive. It seems less interesting. It has however a touch screen and fewer buttons, which makes it more intuitive.

N°3 : Samsung SL-M2070FW

This printer has fax, photocopy, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and can print up to 20 pages per minute. Its toners are cheaper but print fewer pages.

Laser printer vs inkjet printer

Laser printers are the best option for printing black and white documents. The resolution is less than inkjet printers, but more than enough to print text documents with graphics. Laser printers are more expensive than inkjet printers, the theoretical cost per page is 3 cents for laser versus 2 cents for inkjet, but actually it is less because the ink-jet has cartridges that become empty even when they are not used, which has the gift of annoying consumers. The cartridges lose their ink during startup when the printer is cleaning their heads, which is not the case with toners.