The most sold Intel processors in July 2018

Here is the ranking of Intel’s best-selling processors, according to the statistics of a German wholesaler who sells computer equipment. This is a sample that allows us to have a good idea of the type of processor that consumers buy. For each CPU, we added the current price.

RankProcessor% of salesPrice
1Intel Core i7-8700K33.3%$348
2Intel Core i5-840015.2%$188
3Intel Core i5-8600K14.5%$265
4Intel Core i7-87007.7%$328
5Intel Core i3-81007.2%$119
6Autres processeurs Intel6.5%-
7Intel Core i5-86003.0%$256
8Intel Core i7-7700K2.2%$310
9Intel Pentium G45602.2%$59
10Intel Core i7-8086K2.0%$439
11Intel Core i5-85002.0%$205
12Intel Core i9-7940X1.0%$1149
13Intel Core i5-74001.0%$180
14Intel Core i3-71001.0%$115
15Intel Core i5-75000.8%$180
The price may vary. Shipping costs are not taken into account.

It’s no surprise that we find the Intel Core i7-8700K in number one of the sales. Intel Core i5-8400 comes second.


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