Microsoft works on the quantum computer

Microsoft is developing a programming language on Visual Studio that will be used in future quantum computers.

According to engineers, the quantum computer will allow among other things:

– to detect changes related to global warming,
– to strengthen the security of computer systems,
– to push the limits of learning machines,
– to find the diseases as soon as they appear,

A preview will be made available to the public this year and will be free. With libraries, as well as tutorials. The goal is to get as many people as possible to train on this new language.

Microsoft also builds its own quantum pc which uses a topological qubit. The electron used will be located in several places of the same system instead of only one place (angularly location to determine the position between 0 and 1). The topological qubit should provide more stability compared to a conventional qubit.

The quantum computer requires temperatures that tend to the absolute zero and so it is not intended for individuals at the moment.