Measures and orders of magnitude

Here is the list of measurements and orders of magnitude in the world with the type of elements for a particular size.

10^nPrefixSymbolDecimal numberDesignation
10^26100000000000000000000000000Observable Universe diameter
10^2510000000000000000000000000Sloan Great Wall size
10^2210000000000000000000000Andromeda-Milky Way distance
10^211000000000000000000000Milky Way Diameter
10^20100000000000000000000Sun-Galaxy center distance
10^1910000000000000000000Milky Way width
10^1310000000000000Solar system radius
10^12teraT1000000000000semi-major axis Orbit Pluto
10^11100000000000Earth-Sun distance
10^9gigaG1000000000Sun diameter
10^8100000000Earth-Moon distance
10^710000000Earth radius
10^6megaM1000000Thetys diameter
10^5100000ISS altitude
10^410000Atmosphere width
10^3kilok1000Everest altitude
10^2hectoh100Length of a stadium
10^1decada10Tidal range
10^0(aucun)1Human height
10^−2centic0.01Insect size
10^−4millim0,000 1Hair diameter
10^−6microµ0,000 001Millionth
10^−6microµ0,000 001Bacteria size
10^−6microµ0,000 001Mosquito trump end
10^−70,000 000 1Wavelength of light
10^−80,000 000 01Virus size
10^−9nanon0,000 000 001Billionth
10^−9nanon0,000 000 001Interatomic distance
10^−100,000 000 000 1Atom radius
10^−12picop0,000 000 000 001Trillionth
10^−140,000 000 000 00001Atom core size
10^−15femtof0,000 000 000 000 001Quadrillionth
10^−15femtof0,000 000 000 000 001Nucleon size
10^−18attoa0,000 000 000 000 000 001Quintillionth
10^−180,000 000 000 000 000 001Quark size
10^−21zeptoz0,000 000 000 000 000 000 001Sextillionth
10^−24yoctoy0,000 000 000 000 000 000 000 001Septillionth
10^−35Planck length

The Great Wall of Sloan is the 3rd largest supercluster of galaxies in the Universe.

The length of Planck would be the length from which gravity would begin to produce quantum effects.

Thetys is the 5th largest satellite of Saturn.

Beyond yotta

It is not impossible that the Universe itself is part of a cluster of universes in a global universe.

Similarly, there could be alternative universes in parallel dimensions, dimensional panels with sub-spaces.

Beyond the Universe: Even if the Universe is unique, it remains the void that surrounds the Universe and which by definition has an infinite size, a measure that goes against our usual conception of matter, space, energy and time.

Beyond the yocto

The Higgs boson, if it exists, would be the same size as a quark.

Planck’s length would be, according to physicists, the smallest measurable size.

It has long been believed that an atom was the limit of the infinitely small (atom signifying indivisible). In fact it is not, the infinitely small is like the infinitely great, it could well be infinite. This also upsets the concept of finished object preconceived by our brain.