Why does Mass Effect Andromeda has a low rating

Mass Effect Andromeda has a rating from the community of the players of only 6.8 / 10 on IGN. In consequence, BioWare has postponed the release of the next episode of the saga by one year in order to reflect more on how to improve the quality of its product.

The game however has several planets with colossal surfaces, an incredible number of missions, a multitude of cinematics. Mass Effect has nothing to envy to universes such as Star Wars, Star Trek or Stargate that can clearly be jealous of a game with such possibilities.

Unfortunately once the main missions are finished and the boss is killed, the game quickly becomes repetitive and tiresome. The boss is too easy to kill, he has nothing special compared to the other great Ketts villains. The romances are quite painful to evolve. The memories of SAM’s father are rather bland.

The biggest weak points of the game:

– A Nomad all-terrain vehicle with ridiculous engine power. It is impossible to climb a simple ground slope, it is incomprehensible. You have then to explore on feet. So you lose a lot of time running, even if it makes you appreciate more the landscape. You surprise yourselft insulting this damn vehicle.

– So we would like some alternative means of locomotion such as retro rockets in the back of Ryder that could be more powerful than its current burst. Or a small ship that can fly at full speed and that could easily make landing. Possibly with aerial combats. Even if we understood that this would quickly tire the PC or console processor, memory and video card.

– Besides, we are in space and we do not participate in any real space battles. How is this possible?

– No bosses that are almost impossible to kill or have his special fighting skills.

– Too repetitive, you kill ketts, kill a boss, decrypt glyphs on monoliths, activate vaults, set up outpost and bis repetita. Secondary missions are rarely interesting.

– Too many useless blablas with a ton of characters.

– The same beasts on several planets !?

– The impossibility of exploring Meridian.