Light bulb without planned obsolescence

The light bulb is undoubtedly the first product to have enjoyed the concept of programmed obsolescence, under the impulse of Thomas Edison in 1887.

In Spain, Benito Muros claims to be currently the only one to design LED bulbs without working the aspect of planned obsolescence. On the contrary its bulbs are made to last.

The name of this bulb is the IWOP. It consumes only 3.5 watts. It is equivalent to a commercial bulb (sold on an industrial scale) of 90-100 Watts. Its price is 28 euros. It is supposed to last between 80 and 100 years. In theory, the saving on such a bulb compared to the conccurence would be 96.5%.

There are only two opinions on this bulb on, favorable reviews. The shop has an unfavorable opinion with a “spoiled bulb” at the front desk. On, almost all reviews (18 in total) are 5 stars, however they were all generated in less than 10 days (in March 2016); The last opinion (2017) is bad, the bulbs would have come in pieces.