Life expectancy of a gnat

The gnat is the most harmful fly species. It reproduces at a dazzling speed by laying in the garbage on decomposing organic matter, such as rotten fruit, potato remnants, …

It is often called “fly of potting soil” because it also affects the soil of the garden, or potted plants. It is the smallest of the flies and the most invasive.

The midges live only seven days on average. It mates very quickly, then lays its eggs.

Its larvae are small white maggots emerging from the eggs after a day. It will take them ten days to gain in size and turn into a gnat. It takes as long as the fly to reach the adult stage.

Gnats often fly around animals or humans because they are attracted to heat.

The midges remain as long as the temperatures are high. When their number is large, the males will evolve in a cloud. In winter, larvae overwinter.