Law on searching for coins in France

Under the law of 7 July 2016 on the “Freedom of Creation, Architecture and Heritage”, all the things individuals find and that interest archeology, history and everything related to humanity, belongs at 100% to the state.

Previously, it was 50% for the inventor of the discovery and 50% for the owner of the land (often the state), now everything returns to the state.

It is necessary to know that to do numismatic research, you need to have the written agreement of the land owner, the written agreement of the prefecture, the written agreement of the town hall. Also, to receive the agreement of the prefecture, you have to specify the goal and your qualifications. Most of the time, you will not have an answer if you are not an archaeologist yourself.

And from now, even with all these agreements, the finds entirely come back to the state.

The goal is to put an end to savage discoveries that sometimes looks like to looting and resales of common heritage on the Internet.

To know more about it: LAW n ° 2016-925 of July 7th, 2016 relating to the freedom of the creation, the architecture and the inheritance.