Lava lamp that doesn’t work anymore, what to do ?

The lava lamp was enormously fashionable ten years ago. At the time large lamps that were 2-3 feet high were sold. Then, its presence in the shops has quickly decreased.

Nowadays, it is the Lava Lite lamp that is the best quality lamp with a great life expectancy.

The old lava lamp can last 1-2 years before having difficulty to get its wax melt and start to make incandescent balls leaping upwards. Normally, you have to wait one hour for the “lava” to start moving. But later, this time can reach 3 hours, even 6!

At a certain moment, the mass of wax may remain frozen at the bottom of the lamp and it will not melt anymore.

There are several possibilities about the source of this problem:

The bulb has lost intensity and no longer heats enough. Just bring your hand near it to see if it emits enough heat or not before to replace it.

The heat transfer system no longer works. It is either a small metal bar at the bottom of the bottle, a small cylinder, or a spring. In general it is a spring. This spring can come off the base and get stuck in the wax. In this case, the lamp is out of service and not repairable.

The wax has lost in quality. Or the liquid surrounding it has degraded. Here too, it is a problem that can not be solved.

Because it is not advisable to open the bottle to replace the liquid that surrounds the wax, or the wax if you want to change color or other. Since the liquid in the bottle is very toxic or even deadly. This is alcohol with a large amount of glycol. It is not advice to add a heat source, the glass can break, and the alcohol can spray on an electrical device and ignite the room. The bottle can also explode if you add other ways to heat it.


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