Laurent Gerra height

Laurent Gerra is a French imitator. He has produced Paf in the mouth!, Les Estivales, Laurent Gerra on TV, Laurent Gerra on music! Laurent Gerra with Frédéric Manoukian’s big band, Laurent Gerra Without moderation, Laurent Gerra on Olympia, Laurent Gerra at the Sports Palace, Laurent Gerra: “It rocks! “.

He co-animated radio programs Nothing to Wax, Scoops of the World, En route to the weak year, The morning elections, The Great Juron, The Chronicle of Laurent Gerra. On TV, he is present in the shows So Do, Do, Do, Studio Gabriel, Red Carpet, Saturday night with … Laurent Gerra.

It is often believed that the height of Laurent Gerra is 5ft 10.5in, but it’s wrong.

The height of Laurent Gerra is 5ft 9.25.

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