The largest moons of Jupiter

Here is the list of the larget moons of Jupiter, sorted by diameter.

Ganymede5,262 km148,190.00 × 1018 kg-163°CIce, salt water, silicates, iron, sulfide
Callisto4,820 km107,593.80 × 1018 kg-139°CIce, silicates, ammonia, iron, magnesium, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide
Io3,643 km89,300.00 × 1018 kg-193°CSulphur, silicates, iron, sulfide
Europa3,121 km48,000.00 × 1018 kg-148°CIce, salt water, silicates, iron, magnesium sulfate, sulfuric acid hydrate, sulfide
Amalthea262 km2.08 × 1018 kg-153°CIce
Himalia170 km6.70 × 1018 kg-149°CUnknown
Thebe116 km0.43 × 1018 kg-149°CUnknown
Elara86 km0.87 × 1018 kg-149°CUnknown