Kingdom Come is an excellent adventure game

The game Kingdom Come Deliverance is clearly a kind of GTA like at the time of the Middle Ages. We regret that we start at a basic level. We would like to be already a knight to fight directly the pest.

To be able to face knights, to participate in tournaments, to be able to fight in large field of battle.

Instead, we start at the bottom of the ladder, there is everything to create. But it allows us to take pleasure in seeing the main character evolve and gain strength.

Positive sides

Cinematics are extras. It feels like an epic movie sometimes. Or at least it makes you want to see an adventure film on the medieval theme.

The progression of the character and his profile is quite enjoyable to follow, with sparkling armor, swords increasingly powerful. Knight helmets that look good.

Archery tournaments are quite fun. The idea of ​​picking is very well laid out.

The search for treasure is not bad especially when the loot is high.

The dubbing is perfect with a very good choice of voices.

The life of the game is very significant. Impossible to end it in less than 7-8 hours like the classic Crysis, Call of Duty, Elite Sniper, Wolfenstein, Battlefield, Watch Dogs and Co. It’s even longer than GTA, The Evil Within, Mass Effect, Mafia, Far Cry, which is amazing. It takes at least 9 days non stop to get to the end of the beast.

We learn a lot about everyday life in the Middle Ages. We realize precisely the hardness of life during this period. We realize the lack of security, the fragility of life, the injustices committed in the name of power, in the name of religion. We can see how not funny the monastic life was. As it is not just about making cheese, beer. But that in the contrary everything is set to the millimeter and that we must respect the program of the day or we will get heavy penalties. There is, moreover, a disguised message denouncing the misdeeds of religion.

That said, the religious buildings are those that are the best done, the details are very pleasant.

Negative sides

There are a lot of bugs, which inevitably degrade the gaming experience. Especially when it comes to the main quest and you have to think of an alternative to move forward. The graphics are very average, even pushed to the maximum. But amply enough.

The dialogues are too long and exhausting. So we will quickly zap them and read diagonally the lines so we don’t miss important information. The game choices can totally block you in the future, which is very annoying. It is thus necessary to avoid killing everybody, and knowing how to keep value-added for later.

The backup system is clearly too restrictive. You have to sleep in a bed or buy a schnapps of the savior at an excessive price to be able to save the game in progress.

The hunger system is also pretty annoying. We must be careful not to reach starvation and therefore always have food that is unfortunately quickly perishable.

Armor lacks diversity. They are beautiful, they shine a thousand lights but alas we quickly went around the panel proposed in the stores.

There are no knightly tournaments ??

Treasure maps are too vague, it takes ten years to find them. Which annoys inevitably.

The game is too long. It goes on and on !! We want to finally avenge our parents and move on. Uninstall this damn game once and for all to get back to the real world. So after a while we are forced to look for solutions on the net, guides, tutorials to zap intermediate or secondary quests often useless.

We walk too much from right to left, constantly. And it’s tiring.

The main character is really weak at first. He is always looking for trouble.

The plants that make barriers to the horse are atrocious. Just like the horse that is unhinged too easily. Or the character who has trouble passing between two obstacles yet not so close.

Some missions are redundant, it looks like they try to just occupy the player without particular goals.

The bad reputation system is too hard. We are quickly excluded from the discussions.


The game still deserves a score of 8/10. It could have reached 9/10 if there had been less delays, fewer bugs. And more fights against knights more and more hard to beat, mysterious knights, black knights, golden knights, knights armor as beautiful as the Lord Divish’s one in Talmberg.

It’s a memorable game. We can take our hat off to the production and the developers!

We will certainly be entitled to a suite. At least we hope so.


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