iPhone 9 compared to other iPhones on AnTuTu

Let’s compare the difference in power between the iPhone 9 and other iPhones released in recent years. For this we use their respective scores on the AnTuTu v7 benchmark software. Note that the iPhone 9 uses one of the first processors engraved in 7 nm, in this case the Apple A12. The score of this brand new iPhone comes from the Ice_Universe source, specialized in mobile technologies.

SmartphoneAnTuTu Score
Apple iPhone 9 350000
Apple iPhone X 245100
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 231800
Apple iPhone 8 223600
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 181000
Apple iPhone 7 178300
Apple iPhone SE 140500
Apple iPhone 6s 133600
Apple iPhone 6 105900
Apple iPhone 5s 65000
Apple iPhone 5c 29400
Apple iPhone 5 14400
Apple iPhone 4s 11900
Apple iPhone 4 5100
It’s an extraordinary leap, with +56% performance on the previous generation. This is very promising for the lithography in 7 nm!


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