Invasion of midge gnats in the trash

Gnats are very easy to multiply once they have found a suitable place for their development. They can thus lay several dozen eggs per day, with only a handful of individuals.

Here are some simple solutions to eradicate them:

– baking soda and vinegar,
– gourd traps with cider vinegar in jars,
– fly traps with red wine and liquid soap,
– dishwashing liquid with a lemon flavor,
– a dose of ammonia,
– seal the sink, the siphon, access to the trash,
– use a professional insect spray,
– use ceiling gluing tapes,
– use bottles of essential oils,
– use a vacuum cleaner if they are numerous,
– wash the trash can with Sanythol, in cold water without rinsing,
– brush the inside of the lid with a layer of Ajax,

Pitfalls: Put small holes in the lids.

Each time, wait two hours before using hot water (in pipes, sinks, siphons …) after adding a product.

Do not use vegetable oils as this may block your sink.

The trash must be closed, the lid must rest flat on it. If the gnats have access, it is because it is badly designated. It is then necessary to see what these accesses are and clog them with brown tape for example.

Pass the lid of the bin to the bleach, which will directly kill the larvae.