Intel Xeon Platinum 8176 vs Intel Xeon Platinum 8180

Intel Xeon Platinum 8176 performances in comparison to the Intel Xeon Platinum 8180:

Model4x Intel Xeon Platinum 81804x Intel Xeon Platinum 8176
Base2.5 GHz2.1 GHz
Turbo3.8 GHz3.8 GHz
L3 Cache38.5 MB38.5 MB
PCIe Lanes4848
TDP205 W165 W
Linux Kernel48 /h46 /h
C-Ray 1.145
7-Zip Compression375000355000
Sysbench CPU56
Open SSL Sign1650015500
Open SSL Verify1030000990000
UnixBench dhrystone 247000000005100000000

It is actually 4 processors each time (Quad), with the specificities of each processor and then the results of the benchmarks of the 4 CPUs.

The performance of the Xeon Platinum 8180 is globally 10% higher than the Xeon Platinum 8176. For a price 15% higher.

These are the same gaps with the AMD EPYC 7601 and the Xeon Platinum 8176. We can conclude that the Xeon Platinum 8180 has the same performance as the AMD EPYC 7601 for a price 2.5 times higher.

See more benchmarks results on Servethehome.


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