Intel Roadmap until 2024

This is Intel’s unconfirmed Roadmap for desktop processors. It is constantly rewriting itself depending on technological advances.

Intel processor generationRelease dateBuildPerformance (potential)
Coffee Lake2017 Q414nm++Jusqu'à +38%
Cascade Lake2018 Q314nm++Up to +38%
Cannon Lake2019 Q210nmUp to +16%
Ice Lake2019 Q410nmUp to +16%
Tiger Lake2020 Q310nm+Up to +8%
Sapphire Rapids2021 Q210nm+Up to +5%
Alder Lake2022 Q110nm++Up to +38%
Granite Rapids2022 Q410nm++Up to +38%
Meteor Lake2023 Q37nmUp to +13%
Ocean Cove2024 Q17nmUp to +13%


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