Intel presents its neuromorphic processor, the Intel Loihi

Intel has bought several companies specializing in AI in recent years, such as Mobileye or Nervana. And the result is impressive since Intel has been able to create its first neuromorphic-type processor, that looks like to a brain.

This is the Intel processor Intel Loihi. It is engraved in 14 nm. It has no less than 130,000 neurons, connected to each other through more than 130 million synapses. A complex neural network is in fact set up as an interconnection to allow the different neurons to communicate with one another.

To get an idea, this represents roughly the brain of a drosophila fly (nearly 100,000 neurons).

Each neuron has its own learning system. The goal is to push the processor to adapt to its environment, depending on the use of a workload by a particular. And so not necessarily to load all the libraries when a software is launched but only those that the user wishes to exploit, to diminish among others the load of the CPU and the memory.

Intel believes that this type of processor will be ideal for testing algorithms, initiating schedules, developing dynamic models, encoding with various languages.