Intel Core i9-7980XE specifications

The specifications of the Intel Core i9-7980XE have just leaked on Videocardz. Here they are:

ProcessorClock (GHz)Boost (GHz)Max (GHz)Cores / ThreadsL3 CachePCIe lanesTDPPrice
i9-7980XE2.64.24.418/3624.75 MB44165W$1999
i9-7960X2.84.24.416/3222 MB44165W$1699
i9-7940X3.14.34.414/2819.25 MB44165W$1399
i9-7920X2.94.34.412/2416.5 MB44140W$1199
i9-7900X3.34.34.510/2013.75 MB44140W$999
i7-7820X3.64.34.58/1611 MB28140W$599
i7-7800X3.54.0NA6/128.25 MB28140W$389
i7-7740X4.34.5NA4/88 MB16112W$339
i5-7640X4.04.2NA4/46 MB16112W$242

The most powerful processor in the Skylake-X range, the Intel Core i9-7980XE, will therefore have a base frequency of 2.6 GHz, compared to 2.8 GHz for the Core i9-7960X, 3.1 GHz for the Core i9-7940X and 2.9 GHz for the Core i9-7920X.

This is what everyone feared, the basic frequency of the i9-7980XE is very low. This is to avoid thermal problems.

The release of the Core i9-7920X is scheduled for August 14, 2017. The other 3 processors, according to the latest news, should be available in October 2017.

For all these processors, the supported memory is the DDR4-2666, the building scale is 14 nm, the socket is 2066.


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