Intel Core i9-7940X vs Intel Core i9-7980XE performance comparison

Intel Core i9-7940X compared to the most powerful processor for desktop: the Intel Core i9-7980XE. Benchmarks: Unixbench, PCMark10, Luxrender, John The Ripper, Himeno Fish, …:

BenchmarksIntel Core i9-7940XIntel Core i9-7980XE
3DMark Time Spy10320 14195
3DMark Fire Strike Physics (DX11)28400 34830
3ds Max V-Ray161 s160 s
7-zip Combined64088 MIPS77130 MIPS
7-zip Decompression72720 MIPS88355 MIPS
7-zip Compression55458 MIPS65900 MIPS
7-zip Compression SPECwpc72 s68 s
7-zip Decompression SPECwpc179 s150 s
Adobe Lightroom289 s270 s
AES Encoding24.2 GB/s16.5 GB/s
Aida64 Single Precision floating1123.3 FLOPS1955 FLOPS
Aida64 Dual Precision floating534.9 FLOPS915.5 FLOPS
Aida64 Integer Ops/s 24 bit815.6 GIOPS821 GIOPS
Aida64 Integer Ops/s 32 bit814.5 GIOPS821.5 GIOPS
Aida64 Integer Ops/s 64 bit124.2 GIOPS122.5 GIOPS
Aida64 Memory Copy107 GB/s85 GB/s
Aida64 Memory Read122.5 GB/s100 GB/s
Aida64 Memory Write104 GB/s85 GB/s
Aida64 Memory Latency51 ns67 ns
Aida64 AES Encryption60 GB/s69 GB/s
Aida64 FP64 Ray Tracing13 Mrays/s15.5 Mrays/s
Aida64 Hash13.9 GB/s18 GB/s
Aida64 Image Analysis34.7 Gpixel/s38 Gpixel/s
Aida64 Queen118370 150570
Aida64 FPU VP88905 9460
Aida64 FPU Julia58280 64430
Aida64 FPU Mandel63585 68520
Aida64 FPU Sinjulia16960 18220
Aida64 Zlib1193 MB/s1355 MB/s
Apache Static Webpage Serving48080 R/s31695 R/s
asmFish Chess Bench51314275 N/s52151605 N/s
Blender Rendering42 s140 s
C-ray 1.1 1600 x 12007 s5.45 s
Cinebench R15 Single Thread190 CB Marks195 CB Marks
Cinebench R15 Multi Threaded2850 CB Marks4200 CB Marks
Cinebench OpenGL181 257
Cinebench R11.5 Single Thread2.2 2.2
Cinebench R11.5 Multi Threaded31.2 33.9
Convolution144 s160 s
Corona 1.3 Photorealism7046260 Rays/s8280410 Rays/s
CPU-Z Single core485 91
CPU-Z Multi-core6520 2602
FFTE8275 Mflops8235 Mflops
FFTW16985 Mflops19810 Mflops
Fritz Chess Benchmark23844 Knodes/s61450 Knodes/s
GCC109 s105 s
Geekbench 4 Single core5140 5195
Geekbench 4 Multi-core35150 37935
Geekbench 4 Single core Crypto5170 5135
Geekbench 4 Single core Integer5780 5300
Geekbench 4 Single core Floating5965 5770
Geekbench 4 Single core Memory4435 4450
Geekbench 4 Single Memory Copy11.5 GB/s11.5 GB/s
Geekbench 4 Single Memory Bandwith20 GB/s19.5 GB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi-core Crypto35800 35270
Geekbench 4 Multi-core Integer36810 36240
Geekbench 4 Multi-core Floating52225 60625
Geekbench 4 Multi-core Memory6720 6570
Geekbench 4 Multi AES27.5 GB/s22 GB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi LZMA100.5 MB/s129 MB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi JPEG330 Mpixels/s309 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Canny394 Mpixels/s340.5 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Lua66.5 MB/s91.5 MB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Dijkstra13 MTE/s11 MTE/s
Geekbench 4 Multi SQLite1840 Krows/s2250 Krows/s
Geekbench 4 Multi HTML 5 Parse144.5 MB/s144 MB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi HTML5 DOM56 MElements/s71.5 MElements/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Histogram455 Mpixels/s375.5 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi PDF Rendering263.5 Mpixels/s219.5 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi LLVM7.5 Kfunctions/s9 Kfunctions/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Camera93.5 images/s81 images/s
Geekbench 4 Multi SGEMM1230 Gflops1260 Gflops
Geekbench 4 Multi SFFT 218 Gflops412 Gflops
Geekbench 4 Multi N-Body Physics57 Mpairs/s78.5 Mpairs/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Ray Tracing4 Mpixels/s4.5 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Rigid Body Physics226425 FPS203028 FPS
Geekbench 4 Multi HDR131.5 Mpixels/s120 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Gaussian Blur509.5 Mpixels/s396 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Speech Recognition411 Words/s418.5 Words/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Face Detection22 Msubwindows/s31 Msubwindows/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Memory Copy21.5 GB/s23 GB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Memory Latency80.5 s72.5 s
Geekbench 4 Multi Memory Bandwidth37.5 GB/s39.5 GB/s
Geekbench 3 Single core4375 4740
Geekbench 3 Multi-core50510 60285
Handbrake H264 Encoding LQ1730 FPS1615 FPS
Handbrake H264 Encoding HQ60.8 FPS58.5 FPS
Handbrake H264 Encoding 4k48.4 FPS46.5 FPS
Handbrake H265 Encoding 4k25.75 FPS22.5 FPS
Himeno Poisson Pressure Solver2820 MFLOPS2890 MFLOPS
John The Ripper Blowfish27265 Real C/S31380 Real C/S
Lammps Rhodopsin Protein37.6 s27.5 s
Linpack Rmax1035 Gflops975 Gflops
Linux Kernel compile13.5 Compiles/h15 Compiles/h
LuxMark CPU C++6468 9275
Luxrender Time Workload2420 3375
NAMD0.0464 s0.0354 s
Nginx Static Webpage Serving49600 R/s43475 R/s
OpenSSL Sign 2240 p/s3005 p/s
Passmark CPU Mark21955 27765
Passmark Single Threaded2390 2340
PCMark8 Photoshop Light0.64 s0.76 s
PCMark8 Photoshop Heavy1.87 s2.22 s
PCMark8 After Effects88.5 s91.1 s
PCMark8 Creative5118 5542
PCMark8 Home4574 4370
PCMark8 Work3778 3890
PCMark10 Essential Set 6527 7480
PCMark10 Productivity Set5346 6145
PCMark10 Creation Set5224 6005
PCMark10 Physics51.2 FPS58.8 FPS
Poisson's Equation17.4 s17 s
POV-Ray5870 Points/s7505 Points/s
Primesieve21 s15.6 s
SiSoftware Sandra Arithmetic428 GOPS726.5 GOPS
SiSoftware Sandra Multi-Media2013.5 Mpix/s2549.5 Mpix/s
SiSoftware Sandra .NET Arithmetic110 GOPS142 GOPS
Processor Multi-Core Efficiency103.5 GB/s127.1 GB/s
Processor Cryptography (High Security)28.95 GB/s32.35 GB/s
Cryptography (High Security) AES25628.55 GB/s16.65 GB/s
Cryptography (High Security) SHA2-25639.4 GB/s35.55 GB/s
Financial Analysis (Double Precision)81.95 kOPTS100.45 kOPTS
Scientific Analysis (Double Precision)59.05 GFLOPS71.15 GFLOPS
Image Processing (Single Precision)1238.2 Mpix/s1413 Mpix/s
Arithmetic Dhrystone Int606.65 GIPS875.85 GIPS
Arithmetic Dhrystone Long606 GIPS874.15 GIPS
Arithmetic Whetstone Single-float337.2 GFLOPS515.4 GFLOPS
Arithmetic Whetstone Double-float279 GFLOPS421.55 GFLOPS
Multi-Media Integer2274 Mpix/s2307.5 Mpix/s
Multi-Media Long-int806.7 Mpix/s856.5 Mpix/s
Multi-Media Quad-int10.65 Mpix/s11.6 Mpix/s
Multi-Media Single-float3086.5 Mpix/s2776.1 Mpix/s
Multi-Media Double-float1923.6 Mpix/s1791.5 Mpix/s
Multi-Media Quad-float60.45 Mpix/s55.65 Mpix/s
Financial high double Black Scholes403.5 MOPT/s423.85 MOPT/s
Financial high double Binomial105 kOPT/s109.75 kOPT/s
Financial high double Monte Carlo74.95 kOPT/s78.3 kOPT/s
Scientific high double GEMM303 GFLOPS196.3 GFLOPS
Scientific high double FFT18 GFLOPS15.5 GFLOPS
Scientific high double N-Body292.8 GFLOPS278.5 GFLOPS
SciMark Monte Carlo626 Mflops840 Mflops
SciMark Fast Fourier Transform595 Mflops690 Mflops
SciMark Sparse Matrix Multiply2824 Mflops3050 Mflops
Stockfish 834945 Knodes35470 Knodes
Super Pi Mod450 s450 s
Timed Linux Kernel Compilation45 s39 s
Timed PHP Compilation50 s44.5 s
TrueCrypt AES22.1 GB/s16.5 GB/s
UnixBench dhrystone 2 Multi Threaded831363730 lps1019084230 lps
UnixBench whetstone 2 Multi Threaded116381 mwips141975 mwips
VRMark208 FPS173 FPS
WinRAR 5.4 Encoding43.9 s41.48 s
wPrime 2.0x 1024m61.9 s50 s
wPrime 2.0x 32m1.2 s1.1 s
wPrime 1.55 1024m50.2 s38.3 s
wPrime 1.55 32m2.2 s1.1 s
x264 3.0 Pass 1104.8 FPS137.5 FPS
x264 3.0 Pass 2115.2 FPS130.5 FPS
Single-core - 3D, Gaming, Photo, Web+22%
Multi-core - Science, computing, programming, video, Linux+11%
Global Performance+9%
EbayIntel Core i9-7940XIntel Core i9-7980XE

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