Intel Core i7-4770K vs Intel Core i9-7980XE performance comparison

Combining the results of the Intel Core i7-4770K and Intel Core i9-7980XE processors in several benchmarks and comparison of their respective performance:

BenchmarksIntel Core i7-4770KIntel Core i9-7980XE
3DMark Time Spy609414195
3DMark Fire Strike Physics (DX11)1073934830
3DPM v1 Single Threaded129146
3DPM v1 Multi Threaded7282705
3ds Max Mental Ray565 s205 s
3ds Max V-Ray627 s160 s
7-zip Combined24100 MIPS77130 MIPS
7-zip Decompression22780 MIPS88355 MIPS
7-zip Compression22810 MIPS65900 MIPS
7-zip Compression SPECwpc196 s68 s
Adobe Lightroom475 s270 s
AES Encoding4,7 GB/s16,5 GB/s
Agisoft Photoscan1366,9 s2080 s
Aida64 Single Precision floating573 FLOPS1955 FLOPS
Aida64 Integer Ops/s 64 bit35,5 GIOPS122,5 GIOPS
Aida64 Memory Copy24,6 GB/s85 GB/s
Aida64 Memory Read19,4 GB/s100 GB/s
Aida64 Memory Write20,1 GB/s85 GB/s
Aida64 Memory Latency55,3 ns67 ns
Aida64 Hash3 GB/s18 GB/s
Aida64 Image Analysis15,8 Gpixel/s38 Gpixel/s
Aida64 Queen49864150570
Aida64 FPU VP863609460
Aida64 FPU Julia2932064430
Aida64 FPU Mandel1076568520
Aida64 FPU Sinjulia472018220
Aida64 Zlib314 MB/s1355 MB/s
Apache Static Webpage Serving37300 R/s31695 R/s
asmFish Chess Bench13906497 N/s52151605 N/s
Blender Rendering660 s140 s
C-ray 1.1 1600 x 120017 s5,45 s
Cinebench R15 Single Thread156 CB Marks195 CB Marks
Cinebench R15 Multi Threaded791 CB Marks4200 CB Marks
Cinebench OpenGL166257
Cinebench R11.5 Single Thread1.72.2
Cinebench R11.5 Multi Threaded8.133.9
Cinebench R10 Single Thread77207655
Cinebench R10 Multi Threaded3009559600
Corona 1.3 Photorealism1873870 Rays/s8280410 Rays/s
CPU-Z Single core38491
CPU-Z Multi-core20142602
DigiCortex0,47 Frt1,1 Frt
FFTE6040 Mflops8235 Mflops
FFTW16565 Mflops19810 Mflops
Fritz Chess Benchmark14480 Knodes/s61450 Knodes/s
GCC423 s105 s
Geekbench 4 Single core44755195
Geekbench 4 Multi-core1441037935
Geekbench 4 Single core Crypto41655135
Geekbench 4 Single core Integer46355300
Geekbench 4 Single core Floating42455770
Geekbench 4 Single core Memory45854450
Geekbench 4 Single Memory Copy12 GB/s11,5 GB/s
Geekbench 4 Single Memory Bandwith61,5 GB/s19,5 GB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi-core Crypto1182535270
Geekbench 4 Multi-core Integer1736536240
Geekbench 4 Multi-core Floating1660560625
Geekbench 4 Multi-core Memory51406570
Geekbench 4 Multi AES8,8 GB/s22 GB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi LZMA27 MB/s129 MB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi JPEG157,2 Mpixels/s309 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Canny241,3 Mpixels/s340,5 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Lua15,5 MB/s91,5 MB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Dijkstra11,1 MTE/s11 MTE/s
Geekbench 4 Multi SQLite434,2 Krows/s2250 Krows/s
Geekbench 4 Multi HTML 5 Parse66,3 MB/s144 MB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi HTML5 DOM15,5 MElements/s71,5 MElements/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Histogram467,1 Mpixels/s375,5 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi PDF Rendering355,8 Mpixels/s219,5 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi LLVM1,9 Kfunctions/s9 Kfunctions/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Camera49 images/s81 images/s
Geekbench 4 Multi SGEMM238,7 Gflops1260 Gflops
Geekbench 4 Multi SFFT 42 Gflops412 Gflops
Geekbench 4 Multi N-Body Physics10,8 Mpairs/s78,5 Mpairs/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Ray Tracing2,3 Mpixels/s4,5 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Rigid Body Physics57171 FPS203028 FPS
Geekbench 4 Multi HDR70,5 Mpixels/s120 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Gaussian Blur269,6 Mpixels/s396 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Speech Recognition127,1 Words/s418,5 Words/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Face Detection5,1 Msubwindows/s31 Msubwindows/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Memory Copy17,7 GB/s23 GB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Memory Latency60,8 s72,5 s
Geekbench 4 Multi Memory Bandwidth26,7 GB/s39,5 GB/s
Geekbench 3 Single core36004740
Geekbench 3 Multi-core1358060285
Google Octane3219334245
Handbrake H264 Encoding LQ1211 FPS1615 FPS
Handbrake H264 Encoding 4k21,7 FPS46,5 FPS
Handbrake H265 Encoding 4k8 FPS22,5 FPS
Himeno Poisson Pressure Solver1682 MFLOPS2890 MFLOPS
John The Ripper Blowfish6585 Real C/S31380 Real C/S
John The Ripper MD541915 Real C/S395000 Real C/S
Lammps Rhodopsin Protein33,5 s27,5 s
Linpack Rmax182 Gflops975 Gflops
Linux Kernel compile3,95 Compiles/h15 Compiles/h
LuxMark CPU C++21309275
Maya 2013 Composite66,3 FPS110,5 FPS
Mozilla Kraken1220 ms890 ms
NAMD0,1713 s0,0354 s
NAS Parallel FT 256x256x1288390 Total Mop/s32080 Total Mop/s
NAS Parallel BT 64x64x6413160 Total Mop/s50320 Total Mop/s
NAS Parallel FT 256x256x1282095 Mop/s/t8010 Mop/s/t
NAS Parallel BT 64x64x643290 Mop/s/t12580 Mop/s/t
Nginx Static Webpage Serving38330 R/s43475 R/s
OpenSSL Sign 555 p/s3005 p/s
Passmark CPU Mark1010127765
Passmark Single Threaded14652340
PCMark8 Photoshop Light0,654 s0,55 s
PCMark8 Microsoft Excel0,893 s0,15 s
PCMark8 Home40204370
PCMark8 Work49783890
POV-Ray1620 Points/s7505 Points/s
Primesieve79,3 s15,6 s
Redis Get1594895 R/s2241530 R/s
Redis Set2092050 R/s2120480 R/s
SiSoftware Sandra Arithmetic89,7 GOPS726,5 GOPS
SiSoftware Sandra Multi-Media222,3 Mpix/s2549,5 Mpix/s
SiSoftware Sandra .NET Arithmetic30,8 GOPS142 GOPS
Processor Multi-Core Efficiency29,8 GB/s127,1 GB/s
Processor Cryptography (High Security)6,45 GB/s32,35 GB/s
Cryptography (High Security) AES2566,65 GB/s16,65 GB/s
Cryptography (High Security) SHA2-2562,5 GB/s35,55 GB/s
Power Management Efficiency (ALU)17,68 GIPS190,3 GIPS
Database Transactional9,3 MTPS43,3 MTPS
Financial Analysis (Double Precision)18,5 kOPTS100,45 kOPTS
Scientific Analysis (Double Precision)15,5 GFLOPS71,15 GFLOPS
Image Processing (Single Precision)148 Mpix/s1413 Mpix/s
Arithmetic Dhrystone Int22,65 GIPS875,85 GIPS
Arithmetic Dhrystone Long22,5 GIPS874,15 GIPS
Arithmetic Whetstone Single-float45,1 GFLOPS515,4 GFLOPS
Arithmetic Whetstone Double-float53,95 GFLOPS421,55 GFLOPS
Multi-Media Integer357,1 Mpix/s2307,5 Mpix/s
Multi-Media Long-int178,6 Mpix/s856,5 Mpix/s
Multi-Media Quad-int44,65 Mpix/s11,6 Mpix/s
Multi-Media Single-float342,8 Mpix/s2776,1 Mpix/s
Multi-Media Double-float264,4 Mpix/s1791,5 Mpix/s
Multi-Media Quad-float2,7 Mpix/s55,65 Mpix/s
Financial high double Black Scholes91,65 MOPT/s423,85 MOPT/s
Financial high double Binomial26,2 kOPT/s109,75 kOPT/s
Financial high double Monte Carlo16,95 kOPT/s78,3 kOPT/s
Scientific high double GEMM52,75 GFLOPS196,3 GFLOPS
Scientific high double FFT6,7 GFLOPS15,5 GFLOPS
Scientific high double N-Body17,4 GFLOPS278,5 GFLOPS
SciMark Monte Carlo615 Mflops840 Mflops
SciMark Fast Fourier Transform245 Mflops690 Mflops
SciMark Sparse Matrix Multiply1205 Mflops3050 Mflops
SPECwpc HandBrake1.023.1
SPECwpc Calculix1.197.25
SPECwpc Namd1.065.15
Stream Copy15220 MB/s49750 MB/s
Stream Scale15050 MB/s38235 MB/s
Stream Add17105 MB/s44745 MB/s
Stream Triad17135 MB/s43445 MB/s
SunSpider240 ms190 ms
Super Pi Mod532 s450 s
Timed Linux Kernel Compilation150,1 s39 s
TrueCrypt AES4,4 GB/s16,5 GB/s
UnixBench dhrystone 2 Multi Threaded197757900 lps1019084230 lps
UnixBench whetstone 2 Multi Threaded30025 mwips141975 mwips
Visual Studio 2015365 s100 s
WebXPRT 2015190470
WinRAR 5.4 Encoding53 s41,48 s
wPrime 2.0x 1024m197,5 s50 s
wPrime 2.0x 32m6,4 s1,1 s
x264 3.0 Pass 1112,4 FPS137,5 FPS
x264 3.0 Pass 246,7 FPS130,5 FPS
Single-core - 3D, Gaming, Photo, Web+27%
Multi-core - Science, programming, video, Linux+293%
Global Performance+237%
EbayIntel Core i7-4770KIntel Core i9-7980XE

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