Intel Core i7-3770K vs Dual AMD EPYC 7601 performance comparison

Le processeur Intel Core i7-3770K comparé à une machine avec deux processeurs AMD EPYC 7601. Benchmarks : asmFish, Geekbench 4, FFTW, GROMACS, NAMD, Redis, Sandra SiSoftware.

BenchmarkIntel Core i7-3770KDual AMD EPYC 7601
7-zip Combined23670 MIPS214213 MIPS
7-zip Decompression22810 MIPS206585 MIPS
7-zip Compression21510 MIPS176375 MIPS
AES Encoding3.9 GB/s17.1 GB/s
Apache Static Webpage Serving33738 R/s64494 R/s
asmFish Chess Bench13434943 N/s127342245 N/s
C-ray 1.1 2560 x 1440127 s6 s
C-ray 1.1 1600 x 120033 s1.9 s
CalculiX395 s30.7 s
Cinebench R15 Single Thread137 CB Marks140 CB Marks
Cinebench R15 Multi Threaded672 CB Marks4070 CB Marks
Cinebench R11.5 Single Thread1.6 1.7
Cinebench R11.5 Multi Threaded7.5 41
FFTE5830 Mflops24136 Mflops
FFTW14935 Mflops61830 Mflops
Fritz Chess Benchmark13915 Knodes/s70539 Knodes/s
GCC457 s24.5 s
Geekbench 4 Single core4095 4025
Geekbench 4 Multi-core13580 85080
Geekbench 4 Single core Crypto3770 4355
Geekbench 4 Single core Integer4220 3970
Geekbench 4 Single core Floating3850 3795
Geekbench 4 Single core Memory4290 4845
Geekbench 4 Single Memory Copy11 GB/s15 GB/s
Geekbench 4 Single Memory Bandwith16.5 GB/s24.5 GB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi-core Crypto8455 36915
Geekbench 4 Multi-core Integer16870 124525
Geekbench 4 Multi-core Floating14945 83920
Geekbench 4 Multi-core Memory4555 9330
Geekbench 4 Multi AES6.4 GB/s28 GB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi LZMA29.8 MB/s235.5 MB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi JPEG167 Mpixels/s2000 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Canny212.6 Mpixels/s910 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Lua14.8 MB/s160 MB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Dijkstra9.3 MTE/s45.5 MTE/s
Geekbench 4 Multi SQLite450.3 Krows/s1670 Krows/s
Geekbench 4 Multi HTML 5 Parse70.7 MB/s765 MB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi HTML5 DOM15.2 MElements/s33 MElements/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Histogram458.7 Mpixels/s5120 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi PDF Rendering307 Mpixels/s3080 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi LLVM1.9 Kfunctions/s26 Kfunctions/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Camera55.8 images/s561 images/s
Geekbench 4 Multi SGEMM155.3 Gflops855 Gflops
Geekbench 4 Multi SFFT 40.7 Gflops168.5 Gflops
Geekbench 4 Multi N-Body Physics12 Mpairs/s140 Mpairs/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Ray Tracing2.2 Mpixels/s2.9 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Rigid Body Physics57658 FPS145455 FPS
Geekbench 4 Multi HDR68.6 Mpixels/s670.5 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Gaussian Blur260.4 Mpixels/s2990 Mpixels/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Speech Recognition104.8 Words/s634.5 Words/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Face Detection5 Msubwindows/s50.5 Msubwindows/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Memory Copy12.9 GB/s36 GB/s
Geekbench 4 Multi Memory Latency62.6 s82.5 s
Geekbench 4 Multi Memory Bandwidth18.5 GB/s63 GB/s
Geekbench 3 Single core3630 2340
Geekbench 3 Multi-core14220 134435
GROMACS5 ns/Day74.3 ns/Day
Handbrake H264 Encoding HQ18.5 FPS171.6 FPS
Linux Kernel compile3.45 Compiles/h22.2 Compiles/h
NAMD0.1816 s0.0144 s
OpenSSL Sign 520 p/s6640 p/s
OpenSSL Verify32855 p/s422185 p/s
Passmark CPU Mark10385 30965
Passmark Single Threaded2295 1555
POV-Ray1430 Points/s30495 Points/s
Redis Get1470590 R/s1750090 R/s
Redis Set2004010 R/s1106035 R/s
SiSoftware Sandra Arithmetic80.9 GOPS1200 GOPS
SiSoftware Sandra Multi-Media164.2 Mpix/s1725 Mpix/s
Processor Multi-Core Efficiency24.4 GB/s60.5 GB/s
Processor Cryptography (High Security)4.95 GB/s17.45 GB/s
Arithmetic Dhrystone Int22.25 GIPS1581.8 GIPS
Arithmetic Dhrystone Long21.4 GIPS1570.15 GIPS
Arithmetic Whetstone Single-float46 GFLOPS1025.8 GFLOPS
Arithmetic Whetstone Double-float53.7 GFLOPS856.2 GFLOPS
Multi-Media Integer226.5 Mpix/s2865.2 Mpix/s
Multi-Media Long-int64.1 Mpix/s927.1 Mpix/s
Multi-Media Quad-int1.85 Mpix/s30.25 Mpix/s
Multi-Media Single-float299.3 Mpix/s3147.1 Mpix/s
Multi-Media Double-float168.8 Mpix/s1726.9 Mpix/s
Multi-Media Quad-float7.5 Mpix/s76.9 Mpix/s
Scientific high double FFT2.2 GFLOPS9.1 GFLOPS
SciMark Fast Fourier Transform350 Mflops1449 Mflops
SciMark Sparse Matrix Multiply2205 Mflops7083 Mflops
SPECfp_rate_base2006128 1660
SPECfp_rate2006130 1840
SPECint_rate_base2006177 2100
SPECint_rate2006189 2360
410.bwaves105 1210
416.gamess165 2070
433.milc110 1000
434.zeusmp150 2210
435.gromacs135 2020
436.cactusADM155 2390
437.leslie3d70 885
444.namd130 1840
447.dealII165 3480
450.soplex75 945
453.povray215 2570
454.calculix200 2800
459.GemsFDTD65 795
465.tonto145 1920
470.lbm135 1800
481.wrf130 1530
482.sphinx130 1290
400.perlbench135 2020
401.bzip2100 1280
403.gcc150 1400
429.mcf185 835
445.gobmk150 1780
456.hmmer230 1700
458.s jeng140 1820
462.libquantum1170 1060
464.h264ref250 2680
471.omnetpp105 705
473.astar104 1080
483.xalancbmk165 1240
SPECwpc HandBrake1 9.27
SPECwpc Calculix1.1 14.15
SPECwpc Namd1 12.61
SPECwpc FFTW0.45 1.86
SPECwpc 7-Zip0.7 5.74
Stockfish 87520 Knodes13235 Knodes
Stream Copy10875 MB/s273132 MB/s
Stream Scale10765 MB/s190368 MB/s
Stream Add12340 MB/s209292 MB/s
Stream Triad12410 MB/s207000 MB/s
Sysbench CPU Multi Threaded37.6 s13.6 s
Timed Linux Kernel Compilation130.3 s19.5 s
TrueCrypt AES3.9 GB/s17.1 GB/s
UnixBench dhrystone 2 Single Threaded43227300 lps35536860 lps
UnixBench dhrystone 2 Multi Threaded187397920 lps2477964745 lps
UnixBench whetstone 2 Single Threaded3765 mwips4645 mwips
UnixBench whetstone 2 Multi Threaded37295 mwips452775 mwips
Single-core - 3D, Photo, Web+171%
Multi-core - Science, computing, programming, video, Linux+877%
Global Performance+776%
EbayIntel Core i7-3770K2x AMD EPYC 7601

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