How to install WordPress

When you have got the access to your web hosting plan with your hoster.

Then you have to connect to the server through FTP, I suggest you to use FileZilla.

Simply copy paste the WordPress file to your website directory, which is probably www/html/ if you are not directly redirected to it.

Then enter your address url in your browser searching bar with /install.php

Or if you prefer to put WordPress inside a directory :

If you have setup a subdomain :

or even better :

Go in or http://yourserverip/phpmyadmin/

Enter the access information, and create a “yoursite” database in utf8_unicode_ci format.

Then you just need to follow the step, by entering :

– the sql server location (certainly localhost),
– the database name,
– the database username,
– database username password,
– the wanted username as wordpress admin,
– the password.

And here you go.