Inkjet printer or laser printer

You can choose between two types of printer, the first is the most common : inkjet printer, the second is the laser printer.

The inkjet printer was for a long time under the laser concerning the quality. Now it allows a better rendering, with more precision.

The problems with inkjet printers are the same as they were ten years ago.

Indeed, the cartridges are always roughly cleaned by the printer which uses a kind of blotter to remove impurities, air bubbles, clean its nozzles. And so every time you restart the device, a good part of the ink disappears. The solution to this problem is to always leave the printer on. Then, the ink of the cartridges dry out as soon as you open it, the cartridge will be completely dry in less than a month. What you can do is to keep and replace the orange pin after each use, and add brown or transparent tape over it to prevent the air from infiltrating.

And then when you put a cartridge for the first time, a countdown of the number of use will be enabled due to a chip attached to it; The printer will no longer want the cartridge passed a certain time. You will be able to force the printer at the beginning (key with red triangle in a red circle pressed for 5 seconds), and then beyond a certain number of times it will persist saying that there is no more Ink, while there are still some. This is the worst defect of inkjet printers. You will develop a genuine hatred of these printers over time if you rarely print.

Its advantages are an exceptional quality, perfect for photo on glossy paper, a low price for the printer, around 15 dollars for branded cartridges, 2 dollars for “compatibles”. There will be one compatible cartridge on 4-5 that will be bad with a fuzzy print, despite its cleaning.

Laser printers do not have this worry of ink that disappears since it is projections of toner, fixed by a laser that will burn it on paper. The quality has long been above its rival. It was long reserved to the pro because of a price quite inaccessible.

The big concern of the laser printer, even if it is less than ten years ago, is still and always the price. At least twice as expensive. As well as the cartridges, 120 dollars for 4 cartridges (colors and black) or 45-50 dollars for “compatible” cartridges. There will be compatible cartridges that will print fewer pages (700 instead of 1700 for example), some will leave tasks, or strips along the pages.

Regarding the obsolescence, both types of printer lasts at least 10 years. Beyond that, it seems that the lasers are always effective while the ink jets tend to have poor printing, the alignment of the cartridges will do nothing. When a printer breaks down, it will be better to throw it away, as the cost to repair it will be the same as to buy a new one.

If you have ever had ink jets and you are getting tired of cartridge consumption and ink gags, then choose the laser one. The price of glossy photos these days is very low, the interest of having an inkjet is not as high as few years ago. For peace of mind, it is better to put twice the price and then it will be finished all the hassle with the ink.

For inkjet, the best ones according to customer reviews are in descending order HP Deskjet, Brother MFC, HP Envy, Epson XP, Canon MG, Epson Workforce. The best model of the moment: HP Deskjet 3637.

On the laser side, the best ones are in descending order Brother MFC, Brother DCP, Samsung SL, Brother HL, HP LaserJet Pro. Brother is largely a leader with a very wide life expectancy. The best models of the moment: Brother MFC 9340CDW for color, Brother MFCL2720DW for black and white.