How to increase sales on Amazon

Amazon is the best commercial web platform with a market capitalization of $ 1 trillion, or $ 1000 billion. It allows any vendor to sell its products to a wide range of customers. Despite being a colossus, Amazon often has the lowest prices in the market. If you have a company that offers products in the Amazon store, you may have to ask yourself how to improve your revenue and therefore how to increase your sales on Amazon. Here are some practical tips for increasing profits.

Use keywords proposed by Amazon in titles and listings of your products.

Amazon works in the same way as search engines such as Bing, Yahoo or Google to rank products in its query results. Amazon’s Keyword Tool should be consulted to have the same keywords that Amazon uses for products that come in first place, and thus have a better chance of receiving visits. . The tool in question generates a list with the main queries made by the clients. It is possible to classify them by category, or by name. You will then have to sort the list and select the best terms to optimize your titles and information in the product description.

Increase the number of comments on its products

Comments are very important in Amazon, they participate enormously in selling the product in question. Indeed, it is the customers who give positive reviews and good ratings who will encourage future buyers to take action. You will have to send an email to everyone to offer them to leave an opinion and advice on the article they have just acquired. Even better: install an automatic email system.

Answer questions from potential customers

Amazon allows users to leave questions to other users of the platform to see if the product is suitable for a particular purpose. It is essential not to leave the question unanswered and to answer it as soon as possible.

Set up competitive rates

If your product has a lot of competitors, then you have no choice but to apply prices that challenge other sellers. If your earnings per unit are lower, your sales will be multiplied and you will always be able to increase the price once you have a good rating and enough comments. Sometimes you just need to be cheaper by a few cents in order to encourage the consumer to add your product to his basket.

Create promotions

Promotions with great discounts are ideal to magically appear on the first page of search results. You can even see your listing being posted directly in Amazon’s “Good Deals” section. Your business will have better visibility, so not only will the product in question benefit from more traffic, but so will your dedicated store, with other products without discount prices. This is an interesting technique when we have just launched your e-commerce on the platform. The margins will be low on the device in question the time of the promotion, but overall it can significantly improve the highlighting of the product in the future even after the end of the discount. You will have enough positive comments to enjoy a certain aura about your reliability, as well as a good reputation on the quality of the items sent by you (or by Amazon).

Conquer the little exploited sectors

If you are in a category that is saturated with various vendors, then it may be wise to exploit a niche or even a micro niche. Less competition equals more ease of sale, as long as the product is of interest to potential customers. If you are number one in these sectors without competition, then your location in the global sellers’ ranking will increase and by rebound effect your overall market position will also progress allowing you to ultimately sell products in areas where the competition is fierce.