How to increase the amount of sperm?

How to increase the volume of sperm for more ejaculations provided to ensure fertilization, or for the pleasure of having enjoyment as impressive as those in pornographic movies of the 90s?

Natural solutions:

Salmon allows wonders with increased sperm count. Amazon almonds are also excellent. To a lesser extent: classic almonds, nuts, chocolate, peanut butter, chestnut cream, cod oil. Enjoying sex with spaces of several days, at least three days can also have the desired effect. Knowing that testosterone that regenerates the genital system has a 7-day cycle.


Naughty but nice pills is specialized in increasing the sperm load. It allows to enjoy stronger and lasting ejaculation, with an increase of up to 100% of sperm secreted by the body. These pills contain Ginseng extract.

A better solution is therefore to directly take Ginseng, which also has a booster effect on vitality. It helps fight against fatigue, strengthen the immune system, as well as the natural defenses. The concentration and coordination of movements are improved. Physical performance is enhanced.


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