How to increase Amazon sales as an affiliate

Create comparative tables of products, with their characteristics, notes, opinions, prices. This creates quality content. Most consumers will go on Amazon to compare objects. Setting up comparative tables saves them time.

Use a system to redirect users to the local version of Amazon, ie to the version designed for their country. For that, you can go through an online service but that they could hack your links or you have often to pay them. Or you can use a plugin for WordPress such as Bestazon that automatically redirects visitors to the right shops and displays the link without affiliate ID and then rewrite it during the visit, which significantly increases the clicks. In this case a portion of the clicks will be sent on a link from the plugin’s developer. Or you can take a Javascript code that will do the job and will be without any cost.

Increase your traffic by focusing on topics, themes, keywords with very little competition. By posting articles on social networks, on Facebook, on Reddit, on Tumblr, on Blogspot with the source that points to the article of your site. By installing the Https on your server which in the future will be privileged for the first search results on Google. Refine the content of your site using tools like SEMRush or Ubbersuggest to find the terms that have the most potential. You can use services like Bing Advertising or Google Adsense with paid advertising campaigns to get more traffic. See what requests are made on your site and create content to respond to their need for information.

Increase the number of page views on your blog by making the visitor interested in other articles on the site. For this, use a plugin of related articles. The Contextual Related Posts extension is probably the best in the field. A little bugged (impossible to update the options without going through the database), it will literally double the number of page views on your site. It is the most effective one for providing links related to the content of the page visited by the user.

List the webpages that have the most visits on your website and have no affiliate link, and then add a product recommendation or rating to monetize them. Feel free to add Amazon links on the images of your pages, this increases the click rate. Put links directly in your content rather than in between two paragraphs or at the end of the article. When you give an opinion on a product, remember that the consumer is looking for the advantages and disadvantages, he knows that no product is perfect; so it’s best to be honest with the quality of the items.

First and foremost, make sure you are familiar with Amazon’s policies so you do not get banned.


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