What are the best ice creams from Carte d’Or?

The Carte d’Or ice creams are much more creamy and tasty than the ice creams proposed by the supermarkets, which turn into water when you inadvertently left them in the fridge.

There are 3 types of ice creams : sorbets, creamy (authentic) ice cream and meringue ice cream (glacier).

RankIce cream
1Chocolate mint
3Vanilla cream
4Raspberry sorbet
5Strawberry meringue
6Lemon tart
7Rum grape
9Crème brulée
10Vanilla pecan
11Liège chocolate
13Macadamia and vanilla
14Way Mojito
16Strawberry ice cream
17Lemon sorbet
18Tangerine sorbet
19Lime sorbet
20Mango sorbet
21Fruit of passion sorbet
22Vanilla from Madagascar
23Apple sorbet
24Pear sorbet
27Dark chocolate
30Caramel flower of salt
Chocolate mint is the one that gives the most sensation of freshness. Stracciatella is excellent. Vanilla cream is very good too, but it is probably the most expensive because of the increasing price of vanilla. Vanilla from Madagascar is bland comparing to the previous one. Dark chocolate is good but after 3 ice cream, it is the overdose. Lemon, apple, mango, mandarin sorbets, passion fruit sorbet feel like eating water, that there is not enough ice cream. On the other hand the raspberry sorbet is very good. Strawberry meringue and lemon tart are delicious but we eat them too fast, there is the feel that there is less ice cream comparing to the “authentics”. Rhum grape is not bad at all. Crème brûlée and coffee are ok.