IBM was able to engrave 30 billion transistors on a processor in 5 nm

The processor has only the size of a nail. This achievement was made through a partnership with Samsung and GlobalFoundries.

Such a processor is 40% more efficient than those engraved in 10 nm, the Snapdragon 835 (for example), and especially 75% less energy-consuming.

The technology used is the EUV, the use of extreme ultraviolet, with silicon nanoparticle deposition.

So the smartphones will be faster and with a better autonomy. Processors will also be used in the Internet connected objects.

IBM had already been able to develop more than 20 billion transistors on a chip, all engraved in 7 nm. The processors in 7 nm will be available on the market by 2018. As for those in 5 nm, we will have to wait until 2020.

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