How to succeed in Banished

In Banished, there are several points that are essential to move forward:

1) – The food: it is necessary to have enough food so that the citizens do not die of hunger. You should quickly create fruit, mushrooms and wild plants gatherers, have hunters, fishermen. A little later, begin to install fields of plants and shrubs.

2) – The fire woods: it is necessary to have enough wood for the chimneys every time so that the villagers do not die of cold. It is best to opt for stone houses that require less of them. Have several foresters lodges, with a pile to store the logs, a wood cutter. To have enough logs to turn them into small woods. The clothes are also useful to fight the cold.

3) – The health: later it becomes essential to have hospitals, then herbalists, apothecaries, city hospitals. In order to increase the level of health, but especially to stop the epidemics of plague, cholera.

4) – The roads: paved roads of stone allow the itinerants to go faster. This increases the overall productivity of workers, harvesters, growers, …

5) – The education: schools will educate children, making them students who will better use the tools of their future employment. They may hope to work in more complex jobs than the fields or the mine.

6) – The wells: Another danger is the fire that curbs the constructions. First of all, do not stick the buildings, leave a space between them. You will put roads to separate the structures. Otherwise, if the fire declares itself, it will ravage the whole city. As soon as the fire appears, destroy the respective building and rebuild it.

7) – The diversity: the diversity of crops, fields, orchards, home supplies, liquor, allows the stock of foods and material goods to last longer. This also allows the level of happiness to grow.

8) – The faith and luxury will also increase the degree of happiness.

9) – The trade will be useful if you are lacking clothes, minerals, luxury goods; if you would like to have new animals, new seeds.

10) – The nomads are a plus, when you do not have enough children. But they can also create an imbalance in your city. With a certain lack of education. You may see your fellow citizens being stabbed to death, having more miners getting buryed, stonecutters being crushed by rocks. The bigger your city is, the more you will be offered new arrivals.