How to know if the couple is fertile?

How to define if the couple is fertile or if the couple is not able to have children?

Normally, a young couple in their twenties has a one chance in four of having a pregnancy during each cycle. Thus every year, in 90% of couples, the woman can get pregnant.

To know if the couple is more likely to be fertile or not, we must determine the age, especially that of the woman. Beyond age 40, the chances begin to decrease. It is necessary to analyze the sperm of the man to see the liveliness of the spermatozoa. We can do coital testing, and study ovulation with different methods. Thus, it is possible to do hysterosalpingography, or if necessary laparoscopy. The latter is a diagnosis that can also be therapeutic.

It is necessary to do some tests if fertility symptoms occur, namely when the cycles are irregular, when the hair grows in unusual places.

The man and the woman must be together during each treatment given by a specialist. The couple may decide to see different doctors in order to study all possible paths.

Do not hesitate to discuss within the couple. There may be psychological blockages. The man may be ashamed to do a semen analysis believing that it downgrades his manhood. The same for the woman, who could think that it would taint her femininity. The man, like the woman, must learn about their health and must learn about the functioning of their body in order to allow the doctor to do all the necessary tests, and to be able to find the most appropriate treatment to the situation of the couple so that they get the best results.

Consult your doctor if you have doubts about the fertility of your couple.


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