How does the natural enlargement of the penis work?

The human reproductive system includes the prostate, seminal vesicles, testes and penis. The penis is responsible for the possibility of creating an erection in the genitals. It has a spongy body, two corpora cavernosa, an acorn, a canal called the urethra. This one leads not only the urine outside the body, but also the sperm.

A flaccid penis usually has an average length of 3 ½ inches according to several studies conducted by urologist doctors. While the penis is erect, its average length is 6 inches and its circumference is 4 ¾ cm. There are several methods to measure the penis, the most used is the doctor’s one which consists to put the rule on the pubis, above the penis by thrusting it lightly into the skin, without hurting the patient.

There are many exercises to increase the size of the penis. These allow to increase the totality of the penis. They must be practiced almost every day over several months to hope for gains.

It is possible to feel in real time penis growth over the days, sometimes even during the exercises. There is a plastic deformation of the penis tissues. Some people get up to 2 inches. However on average the gains are rather of the order of 1 ¼ inches. These gains are durable, they stay on the long run unlike the momentary penis enlargement with the classic air penis pump.

It is advisable to perform the exercises only 5 days a week and to leave two days of rest. Like bodybuilding, it is during these days of rest that the body will create the tissue necessary to lengthen the penis subjected to a continuous tension. There was fatigue, micro rips, and the cells will heal and regenerate.


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