Herbal supplements to improve erection

Supplements for erection enhancement work by increasing the amount of blood in the genital area, which then receives a larger volume of blood than it can hold when the phallus is flaccid. Indeed, when the penis is in a flaccid state, it receives a normal quantity of blood. And when the erection takes place, the genitalia gets a rich hemoglobin supplement that will then be trapped in the tissues of the cavernous body and the spongy body.

Supplements can be either synthetic or herbal. Synthetic versions may have more side effects comparing to the herbal ones.

The time taken for the results can be up to several weeks, depending on the body type of the person, whether he is opulent, the age, whether the overall health is good or not, the genetics, or according to other factors.

Natural supplements that are known to have effects:

Panax Ginseng, generally used to fight impotence, premature ejaculations. This normalizes the blood pressure while rejuvenating and revitalizing the body. It also promotes the growth of nerve tissue.
Damiana, a recognized sexual stimulant for both men and women.
Ginkgo biloba which improves peripheral circulation, oxygenation and increases blood flow in the genitals.
Inosine that boosts performance,
– The Horny Goat, also called elf flower to reduce stress,
Muira puama which is a powerful aphrodisiac,
– The Gotu Kola which is a remedy against impotence,
Fo-Ti with invigorating properties, the ancients thought it preserves the youth and restores fertility.
Tribulus Terrestris which increases the level of testosterone by developing the production of luteinizing hormone (HL) in the body.
Ginseng, often used as a sexual stimulator, rejuvenator, physical fortifier against the effects of environmental stress.
– The Saw Palmett, it nourishes the nerves, tones and consolidates the male reproductive system, especially the prostate gland.
– The Cayenne Fruit, it stimulates the flow of blood by strengthening the heart, capillaries and nerves.


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