Best HDMI to VGA converter to replace an HDMI connection

Before the disappearing of the energy in the TV, the planned obsolescence will first make disappear HDMI connections which become obsolete. This consists usually in micro cracks in the welds of the HDMI ports switching processor to make this chip unusable, and therefore the ports inaccessible. These cracks come from the repeated heating of circuits over time. To avoid them, it would have been necessary that there is a dissipator on this processor, that the distance between the TV and the wall is at least 10-12 inches so that hot air can be evacuated. The solution would be to solder again the processor but its small size makes the procedure difficult. Unless you are a professional welder, you are more likely to completely kill the circuits of the motherboard than anything else.

The solution to replace the HDMI connections is to opt for an HDMI to VGA converter. The VGA port has the best quality after the HDMI port. It is 1080p (just like HDMI), against 1080i in general for components (up to 1080p on recent TVs), 576i for scarts, 480p for composites.

Best Converter: Rankie HDMI to VGA Adapter

The best converter is the HDMI to VGA adapter of the brand Rankie. It is the highest rated in Anglo-Saxon shops. It is this one that presents the most chance to last over time and actually bring the image and sound to the screen. The HDMI port is male, the VGA port is female. So, you will need a VGA male to VGA male connection, as well as a 3.5 mm audio jack cable. The distance of the cables depends on your needs, depending on where your secondary devices are away from the LCD monitor, the HDTV, or the projector in question. A USB port is used to power the adapter for better performance.

What result in the end?

This is the best default result that we can get. The image is slightly degraded, you must know that the HDMI remains unbeatable alas. We are in 1080p, it means that when the image moves quickly, it remains sharp (unlike 1080i). However it is about5% fuzzier. The colors are slightly too hot, the contrasts slightly too high, there is a mini lag of the image almost imperceptible. In the end the result is very good. We will say that we lose 5% quality compared to HDMI connectivity. We will have simply to find different picture settings in the parameters. The USB port is used to operate a connection between a TV decoder and the TV screen. For a connection between PC and TV, USB power is not required.

The sound with it is very good. It is much lower. It will be necessary to raise the levels in the TV options.