The greatest wars and battles of the Renaissance

Here is the list of the greatest wars and battles during the Renaissance period (also called modern times), from 1492 to 1789:

BattleDatesCountryFirst belligerantSecond belligerantWorld population percentage (soldiers involved)Dead
Taking of Granada2nd January 1492Spain100,000 Spanish30,000 Nasrids0,0269%58,000
Battle of Fornovo6th July 1495Italia8,000 French12,500 Venetians0,0042%3,000
Battle of Agnadel14th May 1509Italia30,000 French15,000 Venetians0,0093%15,500
Battle of Ravenna11th April 1512Italia23,000 French16,000 Spanish, pontificalx0,0081%13,500
Battle of Novara6th June 1513Italia21,200 French13,000 Swiss, Milanese0,0070%11,500
Battle of Azemmour29th August - 2nd September 1513Morocco44,000 Portuguese- Wattassids0,0091%-
Battle of Flodden Field9th September 1513England26,000 English35,000 Scottish0,0126%13,500
Battle of Tchaldiran23rd August, 1514Iran55,000 Safavid60,000 Ottomans0,0238%7,000
Battle of Marignan13th - 14 September 1515Italia32,500 French, Venetians30,200 Swiss, Milanese0,0130%18,000
Battle of Marj Dabiq24th August 1516Syria65,000 Ottomans80,000 Mamluks0,0301%85,000
Noche Sad30th June 1520Mexique30,000 Aztecs11,500 Spanish, Tlaxcaltecs0,0086%6,600
Battle of Otumba7th July 1520Mexique500 Spanish40,000 Aztecs0,0084%10,073
Siege of Tenochtitlan30th May - 13th August 1521Mexique51,000 Spanish, Tlaxcaltecs60,000 Aztecs0,0230%70,600
Battle of Noain30th June 1521Spain10,000 Navarres30,000 Castilians0,0083%6,300
Battle of La Bicoque27th April 1522Italia31,000 French, Venetians7,000 Spanish, Austrians0,0079%4,000
Battle of Pavia24th February 1525Switzerland30,000 French23,000 Austrians, Spanish0,0101%12,500
Siege of Vienna27th September - 15th October 1529Austria23,000 Austrians, Gypsies120,000 Ottomans0,0274%15,000
Battle of Antoukyah1531Ethiopia100,000 Ethiopians12,000 adals0,0214%-
Battle of Obertyn22nd August 1531Poland20,000 Moldavians6,000 Polish0,0050%8,256
Siege of CorfuAugust - September 1537Italia23,000 Ottomans, French120,000 Venetians, Genoa0,0274%15,000
Shipping from Algiers20th October - 1st November 1541Algeria6,000 Ottomans21,800 Austrians, Spanish0,0053%12,200
Battle of Solway Moss24th November 1542Scotland18,000 Scottish3,000 English0,0044%27
Battle of Pinkie Cleugh10th September 1547Scotland36,000 Scottish15,000 English0,0106%10,500
Siege of Haddington1548-1549Scotland6,000 Scottish, French15,000 English0,0044%-
Siege of Metz19th October 1552 - 2nd January 1553France60,000 Austrians5,000 French0,0124%30,000
Battle of Marciano2nd August 1554Italia13,000 French, Tuscan13,300 Spanish, florentins0,0050%6,200
Battle of Gravelines1st - 13th July 1558France18,000 Spanish14,000 French0,0057%12,700
Siege of Szigetvár6th August - 8th September 1566Hongria3,600 Habsburgs300,000 Ottomans0,0581%33,000
Battle of Jemmingen21st July 1568Germany15,000 Spanish12,000 Dutch0,0048%7,080
Battle of Jodoigne20th October 1568Netherlands21,500 Spanish30,000 Dutch0,0092%3,020
Russian-Turkish War of 1568-15701568 - 1570Russia30,000 Russians70,000 tatars, Turkish0,0178%-
Siege of Famagusta22nd August 1570 - 4th August 1571Cyprus7,000 Venetians100,000 Ottomans0,0205%56,000
Siege of Alkmaar8th October 1573Netherlands15,000 Spanish800 Dutch0,0028%524
Battle of Mook15th April 1574Netherlands5,500 Spanish8,100 Dutch0,0024%3,150
Antwerp saccage4th November - 7th November 1576Belgium20,000 Dutch2,200 Spanish0,0040%-
Battle of Gembloux31st January 1578Netherlands17,000 Spanish25,000 Dutch0,0075%10,020
Battle of Rijmenam1st August 1578Netherlands17,000 Spanish17,000 Dutch0,0600%-
Battle of the Three Kings4th August 1578Morocco42,000 Moroccans, Ottomans45,000 Portuguese0,0155%18,000
Siege of Maastricht12th March - 1st July 1579Netherlands7,200 Dutch20,000 Spanish0,0048%-
Battle of Alcántara25th August 1580Portugal13,800 Spanish8,000 Portuguese0,0037%4,500
Siege of AntwerpJuly 1584 - 17th August 1585Belgium80,000 Dutch40,000 Spanish-8,000
Battle of Zutphen22nd September 1586Netherlands17,000 Dutch, English25,500 Spanish0,0076%10,500
Battle of Coutras20th October 1587France6,800 Huguenots6,800 royalists0,0025%2,040
Battle of Gravelines8th August 1588France20,000 English30,000 Spanish0,0089%-
Siege of Busan13th - 14th April 1592Corea15,000 Japaneses8,000 Corean0,0041%8,000
Siege of Dongrae15th April 1592Corea18,000 toyotomis3,000 Joseons0,0037%3,100
Battle of Sangju24th April 1592Corea18,700 Japaneses1,000 Corean0,0035%1,000
Battle of Chungju28th April 1592Corea18,700 Japaneses100,000 Corean0,0247%-
Battle of the Imjin River17th - 18th May 1592Corea20,000 Japaneses13,000 Corean0,0059%-
Siege of Pyongyang14th June - 1st August 1592Corea18,700 Japaneses20,000 Corean0,0069%400
Siege of Pyongyang8th January 1593Corea18,000 Japaneses40,000 Corean, Mings0,0085%1,440
Battle of Byeokjegwan27th January 1593Chine40,000 Japaneses20,000 mings0,0107%6,000
Siege of Haengju12th February 1593Corea3,000 Corean30,000 Japaneses0,0059%15,130
Siege of JinjuJuly 1593Corea90,000 Japaneses6,000 Corean0,0171%60,000
Siege of Groenlo14th - 24th July 1595Netherlands6,000 Dutch8,300 Spanish0,0025%-
Taking of Cadiz30th June - 15th July 1596Spain14,000 anlgais5,000 Spanish0,0034%-
Battle of Turnhout24th January 1597Belgium6,800 Dutch, English4,500 Spanish0,0020%2,000
Siege of Namwon12th - 15th August 1597Corea56,800 Japaneses15,000 Corean0,0125%14,000
Battle of Jiksan7th September 1597Corea35,000 Japaneses4,000 Mings0,0069%700
Siege of Ulsan23rd December 1597 - 4th January 1598Corea47,500 Corean, chinois65,000 Japaneses0,0196%26,000
Siege of Sacheon28th - 29th September 1598Corea10,000 Japaneses36,200 Corean0,0082%30,000
Battle of Şelimbăr18th October 1599Romania30,000 Valachies26,000 Transylvanians0,0100%2,500
Battle of Nieuwpoort2nd July 1600Belgium11,900 Dutch, English7,200 Spanish0,0032%4,000
French-Savoyard War1600 - 1601France16,000 French- Savoyards0,0028%-
Siege of Ostend4th July 1601 - 22th September 1604Belgium- Dutch, English- Spanish-85,000
Battle of Kinsale2nd October 1601 - 3rd January 1602Ireland7,400 English, Irish Allied9,400 Irish, Spanish0,0030%1,200
Siege of Groenlo3rd August 1606 - 9th November 1606Netherlands6,000 Dutch15,000 Spanish0,0037%-
Battle of Ţuţora17th September - 7th October 1620Romania10,000 Ukrainians, Moldavians22,000 Ottomans0,0057%-
Thirty Years War1618 - 1648Europa661,000 Swedish, French450,000 Spanish, Germans0,1957%7,000,000
Battle of Pilsen19th September - 21st November 1618Czech republic20,000 Gypsies- Austrians0,0036%-
Battle of Humenné23rd November 1619Slovakia10,000 Ukrainians7,000 Transylvanians0,0030%-
Battle of the White Mountain8th November 1620Czech republic21,000 Gypsies29,000 Austrians0,0089%5,700
Battle of Khotin2nd September - 9th October 1621Ukraine50,000 Ukrainians100,000 Ottomans0,0267%54,500
Battle of Wimpfen6th May 1622Germany20,000 Germans15,000 Spanish0,0062%4,000
Battle of Höchst20th June 1622Germany17,000 Gypsies26,000 Austrians0,0077%2,100
Siege of Berg-op-Zoom18th July - 2nd October 1622Netherlands- Dutch20,600 Spanish0,0037%5,000
Battle of Fleurus29th August 1622Belgium14,000 Protestants8,000 Spanish0,0043%5,300
Battle of Stadtlohn6th August 1623Germany15,000 Protestants- catholics0,0027%10,000
Siege of Breda27th August 1624 - 5th June 1625Netherlands14,000 Dutch18,000 Spanish0,0057%10,000
Battle of Dessau25th April 1626Germany12,000 Protestants20,000 Austrians0,0057%4,000
Siege of Groenlo20th July - 19th August 1627Netherlands20,000 Dutch22,800 Spanish0,0084%-
Battle of Wolgast2nd September 1628Germany6,000 Danish8,000 Austrians0,0025%1,000
Magdeburg saccage20th May 1631Germany24,000 Austrians2,400 Saxons0,0046%25,300
Battle of Werben22th July 1631Germany16,000 Swedish23,000 Austrians0,0069%6,000
Battle of Breitenfeld17th September 1631Germany36,000 Swedish40,000 Austrians0,0135%16,000
Battle of Rain am Lech14th - 15th April 1632Germany40,000 Swedish25,000 Austrians0,0116%5,000
Siege of Maastricht9th June - 22nd August 1632Netherlands21,000 Dutch29,000 Spanish0,0099%-
Battle of Alte Jacket9th September 1632Germany70,000 Swedish60,000 Austrians0,0231%2,500
Battle of Lützen6th November 1632Germany19,000 Swedish17,000 Austrians0,0064%3,400
Battle of Oldendorf8th July 1633Germany13,000 Swedish15,000 Austrians0,0050%3,700
Battle of Nördlingen5th - 6th September 1634Germany16,000 Swedish21,000 Austrians0,0066%17,000
Battle of the Avins20th May 1635Belgium35,000 French14,000 Spanish0,0087%5,000
Siege of Leuven24th June - 4th July 1635Belgium4,000 Spanish50,000 French0,0096%12,000
Battle of Tornavento22nd June 1636Belgium10,500 French14,000 Spanish0,0043%-
Siege of Corbie24th September - 9th November 1636France52,000 French35,000 Dutch0,0155%-
Battle of Wittstock4th October 1636Germany22,000 Swedish30,000 Austrians0,0093%16,000
Siege of Breda21st July - 11th October 1637Netherlands18,000 Dutch, English3,000 Spanish0,0041%-
Battle of Kallo20th June 1638Belgium22,000 Dutch8,000 Spanish0,0059%2,784
Battle of Hondarribia7th September 1638Spain18,000 French1,300 Spanish0,0034%4,000
Battle of Thionville7th June 1639France14,000 Spanish9,000 French0,0041%7,500
Battle of Montjuïc26th January 1641Spain6,000 French23,000 Spanish0,0052%-
Battle of Marfée6th July 1641England13,000 French14,000 parlementarians0,0056%2,500
Battle of Honnecourt26th May 1642France10,000 French19,000 Spanish0,0052%7,500
Battle of Leipzig23rd October 1642Germany15,000 Swedish18,000 Austrians0,0059%19,000
Battle of Rocroi19th May 1643France25,000 French28,000 Spanish0,0094%10,000
First Battle of Newbury20th September 1643France14,500 royalists11,000 Austrians0,0043%3,000
Battle of Marston Moor2nd July 1644England22,500 parlementarians17,000 royalists0,0078%4,300
Battle of Friborg3rd - 5th August 1644Germany20,000 French16,500 Austrians0,0065%15,000
Second Battle of Newbury27th October 1644England19,000 royalists8,500 parlementarians0,0054%3,500
Battle of Jüterbog23rd November 1644Germany16,000 Swedish15,000 Austrians0,0055%3,800
Battle of Jankau6th March 1645Czech republic16,000 Swedish18,000 Austrians0,0060%6,000
Battle of Alerheim3rd August 1645Germany17,000 French15,000 Austrians0,0057%8,000
Siege of Hulst7th October - 4th November 1645Netherlands15,000 Dutch2,500 Spanish0,0034%4,100
Siege of Lleida12th May - 22th November 1646Spain12,000 French17,000 Spanish0,0052%-
Battle of Preston17th au 19th August 1648England8,600 revolutionaries11,000 royalists, Scottish0,0039%2,100
Battle of Lens20th August 1648France16,000 French20,000 Spanish0,0064%6,500
Battle of Dunbar3rd September 1650Scotland11,000 Scottish11,000 English0,0034%3,020
Battle of Warsaw28th - 30th July 1656Poland19,000 Swedish36,000 Polish0,0106%4,100
Battle of Prostki8th October 1656Poland7,300 Swedish12,000 Polish0,0038%5,250
Russian-Swedish War1656 - 1658Finland25,000 Swedish45,000 Russians0,0138%29,500
Battle of the Dunes14th June 1658France15,000 French, English14,000 Spanish0,0057%1,400
Battle of Nyborg14th November 1659Denmark11,000 Danish, Austrians7,000 Swedish0,0035%3,900
Battle of Tangier4th May 1664Morocco500 English11,000 Moroccans0,0018%470
Battle of St. Gotthard1st August 1664Hongria22,000 Austrians, French30,000 Ottomans0,0102%14,000
War of Devolution24th May 1667 - 4th May 1668Netherlands, France230,000 French400,000 Spanish, English0,1241%-
Siege of Groenlo1st - 10 June 1672Netherlands100,000 French600 Dutch0,0198%-
Siege of Nijmegen3th July - 9th July 1672Netherlands50,000 French4,400 Dutch0,0107%-
Siege of Groningen9th July - 28th August 1672Netherlands24,000 Germans- Dutch0,0047%12,000
Battle of Khotin11th November 1673Ukraine30,000 Moldavians35,120 Ottomans0,0128%-
Siege of Besançon19th April - 22th May 1674France70,000 French- Dutch, Spanish0,0138%-
Battle of Seneffe11th August 1674Belgium44,200 French62,000 Dutch, Spanish0,0213%25,000
Battle of Entzheim4th October 1674France25,000 French35,000 Austrians0,0118%6,500
Battle of Turckheim5th January 1675France30,000 French50,000 Austrians0,0158%-
Battle of Fehrbellin28th June 1675Germany5,600 Germans11,000 Swedish0,0033%1,100
Battle of Salzbach27th July 1675Germany20,000 French25,000 Austrians0,0089%-
Battle of Consarbrück11th August 1675Germany15,000 French20,000 Austrians0,0069%3,000
Siege of Maastricht6th July - 27th August 1676Netherlands7,000 French25,000 Dutch, Spanish0,0063%-
Siege of ValenciennesNovember 1676 - 17th March 1677France60,000 French30,000 Austrians0,0177%-
Siege of Cambrai20th March - 19th April 1677France40,000 French4,000 Spanish0,0087%-
Battle of the Peene11th April 1677France34,000 French32,000 Dutch0,0130%12,500
Great Turkish War1683 - 1699Hongria, Balkans150,000 Ottomans70,000 Austrians0,0344%-
Battle of Vienna12th September 1683Austria85 ,000 Austrians, Ukrainians170,000 Ottomans0,0399%31,000
Siege of Luxembourg28th April - 3rd June 1684Luxembourg27,000 French3,200 Spanish0,0047%-
Battle of Vác27th June 1684Hongria50,000 Austrians30,000 Ottomans0,0125%2,800
Siege of Buda1686Hongria34,000 Austrians70,000 Ottomans0,0163%3,000
Battle of Mohács12th August 1687Hongria60,000 Austrians60,000 Ottomans0,0188%10,600
Siege of Negroponte13th July 1688 - 21th October 1688Greece25,000 Venetians6,000 Ottomans0,0048%4000
War of the Augsburg League24th September 1688 - September 1697Europa- Dutch, English, Austrians490,000 French, English0,0766%680,000
Siege of Philippsburg27th September 1688 - 29th October 1688Germany40,000 French2,000 Austrians0,0066%1,187
Battle of Walcourt25th August 1689Belgium24,000 French35,000 English, Dutch0,0092%2,300
Battle of Fleurus1st July 1690Belgium40,000 French40,000 Dutch, Austrians0,0192%16,000
Battle of the Boyne10th July 1690Ireland23,000 French, jacobites36,000 Dutch0,0092%2,250
Battle of Staffarda18th August 1690Italia18,000 French17,000 Savoyards, Spanish0,0055%8,700
Siege of Mons15th March - 10th April 1691Belgium92,000 French6,000 Dutch0,0153%-
Battle of Leuze18th September 1691Belgium4,000 French12,000 English, Dutch0,0025%2,400
Battle of Aughrim22th July 1691Ireland18,000 Irish, French20,000 English0,0059%7,000
Siege of Namur25th May - 30th June 1692Belgium120,000 French6,000 Spanish0,0197%11,000
Battle of Steinkerque3rd August 1692Belgium80,000 French80,000 English, Dutch0,0250%21,000
Battle of Neerwinden29th July 1693Belgium75,000 French50,000 English, Dutch0,0211%28,000
Battle of La Marsaille4th October 1693Italia35,000 French30,000 Savoyards, Spanish0,0102%15,000
Battle of the Ter River27th May 1694Spain24,000 French24,000 Spanish0,0080%3,500
Battle of Camaret18th June 1694France1,000 French12,000 English, Dutch0,0020%1,200
Bombing of Brussels from 169513th - 15th August 1695Belgium70,000 French- Germans0,0109%-
Siege of Namur2nd July - 5th September 1695Belgium13,000 French- Austrians, English0,0020%20,000
Siege of Barcelona15th June - 8th August 1697Spain39,000 French15,000 Spanish0,0084%21,000
Battle of Zenta11th September 1697Serbia50,000 Austrians80,000 Ottomans0,0203%30,429
Great Northern War1700 - 1721Europa310,000 Russians, Polish, Danish187,000 Swedish, Ottomans0,0777%110,000
War of Succession of Spain1701 - 1714Europa- French and Castilians- Austrians, English and Prussians-700,000
Battle of Kliszów19th July 1702Poland12,000 Swedish22,500 Saxons0,0053%3,900
Battle of Cadiz23rd August - 30th September 1702Spain1,000 Spanish14,000 English and Dutch0,0023%-
Battle of Friedlingen14th October 1702Germany20,000 French14,000 Austrians0,0053%4,703
Battle of Ekeren30th June 1703Belgium40,000 French et Spanish10,000 Dutch0,0078%2,828
Battle of Höchstädt20th September 1703Germany24,000 French et Bavarian16,000 Austrians0,0063%4,000
Battle of Speyer15th November 1703Germany18,000 French16,000 Dutch0,0053%6,500
Battle of Schellenberg2nd July 1704Germany12,000 French et Bavarian20,000 English and Austrians0,0050%10,000
Battle of Höchstädt13th August 1704Germany56,000 French52,000 English and Austrians0,0169%24,542
Siege of GibraltarSeptember 1704 - May 1705Gibraltar- French et Spanish- English, Dutch and Austrians-10,400
Battle of Eliksem18th July 1705Belgium15,000 French14,000 English and Dutch0,0045%3,200
Battle of Ramillies23rd May 1706Belgium60,000 French et Bavarian62,000 English, Dutch and Austrians0,0191%14,066
Battle of Almansa25th April 1707Spain25,500 Spanish et French22,000 English and Portuguese0,0074%8,500
Siege of Xàtiva8th May - 6th June 1707Spain11,000 Castilians et French2,000 Aragons and English0,0020%-
Battle of Oudenaarde11th July 1708Belgium100,000 French105,000 English, Dutch and Austrians0,0321%10,000
Battle of Wijnendale28th September 1708Belgium24,000 French et Spanish7,500 English and Dutch0,0049%4,900
Battle of Gudiña7th May 1709Spain16,000 Spanish28,000 Portuguese and English0,0069%2,400
Battle of Malplaquet11th September 1709France80,000 French110,000 Austrians, Dutch and English0,0297%31,000
Battle of Almenar27th July 1710Spain22,000 Spanish24,000 Austrians, English and Dutch0,0072%1,400
Battle of Zaragoza20th August 1710Spain25,000 Castilians20,000 Austrians and English0,0070%11,500
Battle of Rio de Janeiro19th September 1710Brazil15,000 Portuguese1,500 French0,0026%770
Battle of Brihuega8th December 1710Spain24,000 French et Spanish18,000 English0,0066%1,800
Battle of Villaviciosa10th December 1710Spain20,000 French et Spanish14,000 Austrians and Dutch0,0053%6,000
Battle of Denain24th July 1712France100,000 French120,000 Dutch and Austrians0,0344%7,380
Battle of Gadebusch20th December 1712Germany14,000 Swedish19,500 Danish0,0036%3,750
Siege of Barcelona25th July 1713 - 11th September 1714Spain40,000 French et Spanish7,170 Catalan0,0074%-
Battle of Peterwardein5th August 1716Serbia80,000 Austrians120,000 Ottomans0,0313%35,000
Siege of Belgrade16th July - 17th August 1717Serbia120,000 Austrians, Bavarian180,000 Ottomans0,0469%23,000
Quadruple Alliance War1718 - 1720Italia- Austrians, English, French- Spanish-28,350
Battle of Bitonto25th May 1734Italia14,000 Spanish10,000 Austrians0,0038%1,099
Battle of San Pietro29th June 1734Italia60,000 French50,000 Austrians0,0167%10,000
Siege of Philippsbourg2nd June - 18th July 1734Germany70,000 French74,200 Austrians0,0218%349
Battle of Guastalla19th September 1734Italia49,000 French40,000 Austrians0,0135%11,000
War of Succession of Austria16th December 1740 - 18th October 1748Europa- Prussians, French et Spanish- Habsburgs, English, Bavarian and Dutch-450,000
Siege of Cartagena de IndiasMarch - May 1741Colombia4,000 Spanish27,400 English0,0047%12,300
Battle of Mollwitz10th April 1741Poland23,000 Prussians16,000 Austrians0,0059%6,400
Battle of Chotusitz17th May 1742Czech republic28,000 Prussians23,500 Austrians0,0078%2,957
Battle of Sahay24th May 1742Czech republic10,000 French10,000 Austrians0,0030%750
Siege of PragueJune - December 1742Czech republic25,000 French70,000 Austrians0,0144%-
Battle of Camposanto8th February 1743Italia14,000 Spanish et Neapolitans12,000 Austrians and Piedmontese0,0042%6,000
Battle of Dettingen27th June 1743Germany26,000 French25,000 English and Hanoverians0,0077%6,500
Battle of Pierrelongue19th July 1744Italia5,000 French5,000 Sardinians0,0015%1,811
Battle of Velletri10th - 11th August 1744Italia12,000 Spanish et Neapolitans10,000 Austrians0,0033%3,000
Battle of the Madonna of Olmo30th September 1744Italia26,000 French et Spanish25,000 Sardinians0,0077%6,200
Siege of Tournai25th April - 19 June 1745Belgium90,000 French9,000 Dutch0,0150%2,500
Battle of Pfaffenhofen15th April 1745Germany7,000 French et Bavarian10,000 Austrians0,0026%-
Battle of Fontenoy11th May 1745Belgium45,000 French60,500 English and Dutch0,0160%6,034
Battle of Hohenfriedberg4th June 1745Poland58,500 Prussians58,700 Austrians and Saxons0,0178%13,450
Battle of Melle9th July 1745Belgium8,000 French6,000 Austrians and English0,0021%-
Siege of Ath26th September - 8th October 1745Belgium23,000 French1,563 Habsburgs0,0036%-
Battle of Soor30th September 1745Czech republic22,500 Prussians39,300 Austrians and Saxons0,0092%8,200
Battle of Kesselsdorf15th December 1745Germany32,000 Prussians35,000 Saxons and Austrians0,0102%5,400
Siege of Brussels29th January - 22nd February 1746Belgium22,000 French12,000 Austrians0,0052%-
Battle of Culloden16th April 1746Scotland9,000 Hanoverians8,000 Jacobites and French0,0026%2,052
Siege of Namur6th - 30th September 1746Belgium100,000 French7,000 Austrians0,0162%-
Siege of Lorient29th September - 10th October 1746France4,500 English6,000 French0,0016%-
Battle of Rocourt11th October 1746Belgium120,000 French90,000 Austrians, English and Dutch0,0318%5,139
Battle of Adyar29th October 1746India500 French10,000 Indians0,0016%-
Battle of Lauffeld2nd July 1747Belgium80,000 French60,000 English and Hanoverians0,0212%14,200
Siege of Berg-op-Zoom14th July - 18th September 1747Netherlands10,000 Dutch et English30,000 French0,0061%28,000
Battle of Bassignana27th September 1745Italia70,000 French et Spanish60,000 Sardinians and Austrians0,0197%500
Seven Years War1754, 1756 - 1763Europa- Prussians et English- French, Austrians, Romanians and Russians-1,300,000
War of the Conquest1754 - 1763USA10,000 French45,000 English and Americans0,0083%-
Battle of Fort Carillon8th July 1758USA3,600 French18,000 English0,0033%651
Siege of Quebec26th June - 18th September 1759Quebec24,500 French and Quebecois27,500 English and Americans0,0078%-
Siege of Pirna11th September - 14th October 1756Germany- Prussians18,000 Saxons0,0027%-
Battle of Lobositz1st October 1756Czech republic29,000 Prussians34,000 Austrians0,0095%5,800
Battle of Reichenberg21th April 1757Czech republic16,000 Prussians10,500 Austrians0,0040%-
Battle of Prague6th May 1757Czech republic65,000 Prussians62,000 Austrians0,0192%24,500
Battle of Kolin18th June 1757Austria32,000 Prussians44,000 Austrians0,0115%23,000
Battle of Plassey23rd June 1757India50,000 French3,100 English0,0080%523
Battle of Hastenbeck26th July 1757Germany60,000 French35,000 Hanoverians0,0144%925
Battle of Fort William Henry3rd - 6th August 1757USA7,600 French2,372 English0,0015%64
Battle of Gross-Jägersdorf30th August 1757Lithuania25,000 Prussians70,000 Russians0,0144%10,500
Battle of Moys7th September 1757Poland13,000 Prussians26,000 Austrians0,0059%3,300
Raid on RochefortSeptember 1757France3,000 French8,400 English0,0017%-
Battle of Rossbach5th November 1757Germany42,000 French and Austrians22,000 Prussians0,0097%3,169
Battle of Breslau22nd November 1757Poland28,000 Prussians84,000 Austrians0,0170%11,000
Battle of Leuthen5th December 1757Poland36,000 Prussians65,000 Austrians0,0153%4,141
Raid on Saint-Malo5th - 12th June 1758France13,000 English- French0,0020%-
Battle of Krefeld23rd June 1758Germany47,000 French32,000 Hanoverians0,0120%5,200
Battle of Domstadtl30th June 1758Czech republic30,000 Prussians12,000 Austrians0,0064%2,600
Siege of Louisbourg8th June - 26th July 1758USA7,000 French26,000 English0,0050%274
Battle of Zorndorf25th August 1758Poland36,000 Prussians43,500 Russians0,0120%24,000
Battle of Saint-Cast11th September 1758France7,000 French42,500 English0,0075%1,555
Battle of Lutzelberg10th October 1758Germany42,000 French and saxons14,000 Hanoverians0,0085%4,600
Battle of Hochkirch14th October 1758Germany31,000 Prussians80,000 Austrians0,0168%17,300
Siege of MadrasDecember 1758 - February 1759India3,900 English8,000 French0,0018%1,200
Battle of Condore9th December 1758India7,600 English and indians6,500 French and Indians0,0021%-
Battle of Bergen13th April 1759Germany28,000 French35,000 Hanoverians and English0,0095%915
Battle of Kay23rd July 1759Poland47,000 Russians28,000 Prussians0,0114%12,300
Battle of Beauport31st July 1759Quebec10,000 French4,000 English0,0021%270
Battle of Minden1st August 1759Germany51,000 French41,000 English and Prussians0,0139%4,896
Battle of Kunersdorf12th August 1759Germany50,900 Prussians65,000 Russians and Austrians0,0176%11,885
Battle of the Cardinals20th November 1759France16,000 French12,790 English0,0044%2,800
Battle of Maxen21st November 1759Germany32,000 Austrians15,000 Prussians0,0071%20,045
Battle of Landshut23rd June 1760Poland28,000 Austrians12,000 Prussians0,0061%-
Battle of Warburg31st July 1760Germany130,000 French62,000 Hanoverians and English0,0291%9,200
Siege of Dresden13th - 22nd July 1760Germany- Prussians14,000 Austrians0,0021%-
Battle of Liegnitz15th August 1760Poland25,000 Austrians30,000 Prussians0,0083%-
Battle of the Thousand Islands16th - 24 August 1760Canada300 French11,700 English0,0018%326
Battle of Rhadern13th September 1760Germany- French10,000 Prussians and Hanoverians0,0015%450
Raid on Berlin 9th - 12th October 1760Germany28,000 Prussians35,600 Austrians and Russians0,0096%-
Battle of Kloster Kampen15th October 1760Germany25,000 French20,000 English and Prussians0,0068%4,738
Battle of Torgau3rd November 1760Germany53,000 Austrians50,000 Prussians0,0156%31,951
Taking of Belle-Ile-en-Mer7th April - 8th June 1761France9,000 English3,000 French0,0018%-
Battle of Villinghausen15th - 16th July 1761Germany70,000 Prussians, English and Hanoverians140,000 French0,0318%6,400
Invasion of Martinique5th January - 12th February 1762Martinique8,000 English12,200 French0,0031%-
Battle of Havana6th June - 13th August 1762Cuba29,826 English11,670 Spanish0,0063%6,564
Battle of Wilhelmsthal24th June 1762Germany50,000 Prussians and English70,000 French0,0182%2,202
Battle of Burkersdorf21st July 1762Poland30,000 Austrians40,000 Prussians0,0106%202
Battle of Freiberg29th October 1762Germany31,000 Austrians22,657 Prussians0,0081%5,400
Battle of Manila24th September - 6th October 1762Philippines10,900 Filipinos and Spanish6,250 English0,0026%-
United States War of Independence19th April 1775 - 11th April 1783USA87,000 Americans, French, Spanish138,000 English0,0341%49,000
Siege of Boston19th April 1775 -17th March 1776USA16,000 Americans11,000 English0,0041%1,550
Battle of Long Island27th - 30th August 1776USA13,000 Americans22,000 English0,0053%375
Battle of Fort Washington16th November 1776USA3,000 Americans8,000 English0,0017%143
Battle of Assunpink Creek2nd January 1777USA6,000 Americans5,000 English0,0017%465
Siege of Fort Ticonderoga2nd - 6th July 1777USA3,000 Americans7,800 English, Native Americans0,0016%12
Saratoga Battles19th September - 7th October 1777USA15,000 Americans7,200 English0,0033%530
Philadelphia Campaign1777 - 1778USA20,000 Americans16,000 English0,0055%-
Battle of Yorktown28th September - 19th October 1781USA19,645 French and Americans8,000 English0,0042%216
Taking of Saint Lucia18th - 28th December 1778USA6,000 English13,000 French0,0029%410
Siege of Brimstone Hill19th January - 12th February 1782Antilles7,000 French3,000 English0,0015%107
Philadelphia Campaign1777 - 1778USA20,000 Americans16,000 English0,0055%-
Indian wars1778 - 1890USA- English and Americans- Indians-49,000
Siege of Gibraltar24th June 1779 - 7th February 1783Gibraltar60,000 Spanish and French7,000 English0,0102%5,333
Northwest Native American War1785 - 1795USA4,000 Americans12,000 Native Americans, English0,0017%2,221

During this period, there were at least 12.5 million war dead. It is much more than during Antiquity and the Middle Ages. That’s nearly 2% of the world population of 1750.

The war that has involved the most people is the Thirty Years War with 0.2% of humanity.

It is indicated Austrian, but until 1800, it is the Holy Roman Empire, so it is the Germans, Austrians, part of Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic.