Put the graphic options to the maximum in Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come Deliverance‘s advanced graphic options are defaulted to “medium” on all visual aspects, i.e. shadows, textures, field of view, antialiasing, anisotropic.

By putting them to the maximum, so in “very high“, the game gets slowdowns, and the visual effects seem almost similar.

Thus Kingdom Come has a very average graphical engine. This does not prevent the gaming experience to remain very good. We have quality times. Sometimes the textures will be extras and the impression of realism will be pushed. Especially during the afternoon with a clear sky and a sun at the zenith. Sometimes we will feel like we are in a game that is ten years behind.

In addition the memory requirement to run the game is too high, it takes at least 12 GB or 16 GB. 8 GB of memory will be too short, as the game will crash one time every 5-6 hours. Or characters will have no head, buildings no textures, we will walk on a vacuum.

In short, the graphics are perfectible. But nothing shocking.


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