What is the goal of They Are Billions?

They Are Billions is a tower defense type game, it is about resisting a multitude of zombies that arrive frequently in waves, while the world happens to be in a post apocalyptic state.

Resist zombie attacks

In order to succeed, it is necessary to create a city and defenses, with large ballista, watchtowers, ray towers, towers with machine guns (executor). As time progresses, the waves of zombies become colossal, until the final wave “They Are Legend”.

Clean the map

By developing battalions of soldiers, it is possible to create patrols that will clean the map. It will help to expand your territories.

Unlock new maps

We must arrive at the end of X days and make sure that the conditions allow to reach a certain level of difficulty in order to unlock other types of maps.

We win only when we have defeated the last wave of infected.


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