How to get rid of mice without killing them?

We can be quickly invaded by mice in our habitat. The problem is that they will make excrements that will cause hygiene problems. They can die electrocuted, which can cause the emergence of a fire in the house. They eat all kind of things, they will shred the paper, attack the fiberglass. We must stop their proliferation as soon as possible.

For this, we have the choice between taking a cat (that will not necessarily invest its energy in the hunt for the mouse), set up classic mouse traps, with a piece of cheese hooked to a peak and a mechanical system that will deadly hit the mouse. Nowadays, we can really consider this device as archaic and horrible for the animal. This is not a good example to give to our children if we want them to respect the environment. It is better to redirect ourselves to a less fatal solution.

A better option is to use a human rat cage hunting trap mice. The mouse enters a cage to access food, it walks on a metal plate that will activate the closing of a door at the entrance of the cage. It is stuck in the cage, there is no risk for the animal. It will then have to wait until we come to free it outside our house, or our apartment, in the nature. This cage can work for rats, and any small rodent that can be invasive.


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