Garrett ATX review

The Garrett ATX is clearly among the detectors that break records. However it should be known that it is intended for experts. It is recommended to have several years of experience with advanced detectors such as the Deus. The parameters of this type of device can seem very confusing for a beginner. If it is configured incorrectly, it may ring on everything and anything.

It is specialized in gold nuggets. It is known that it is capable of finding gold nuggets less than 1-2 inches of diameter up to 2 feet!

The ATX is one of the few detectors to be able to go up to 3 meters under water. These detectors are based on military detectors designed at the base to find mines in all types of conditions. Thus it is used by few people to prospect in places where there is very little competition such as lakes, ponds, moat, the submerged part of beaches and creeks. It is indeed one of the most powerful for the beach. But above all it is unbeatable for its price for nugget safaris in Africa, USA, Latin America and Australia (the country of gold).

It is primarily recommended for people who want to make the detection their favourite passion.

Here are the kind of objects and the maximum depth :

– Gold glitter: 0.5 inch,
– Gold nugget 0.003-0.01 oz: 2.5 inches,
– Earring: 5 inches,
– Gold nugget 0.03-0.07 oz: 10 inches,
– Small coin (0.39 in diameter): 11.5 inches,
– Medium coin (0.67-0.98 in diameter): 13.5 inches,
– Gold nugget 0.24 oz: 15 inches,
– Large coin (1.2-1.6 in diameter): 18 inches,
– Golden nugget 5.4 oz: 18 inches,
– Metal boxes: 27.5 inches,
– Gold nugget 35.2 oz: 36 inches.