Garrett Ace 150 review

The Garrett Ace 150 is an excellent opportunity at low prices. It does as well as its big brother the Ace 250 for a much lower price.

We must be admitted that detection is a terribly expensive hobby. The brands use and abuse the specificity of the detectors to push the consumers to accumulate different devices or at least disks for different types of ground, be it non polluted ground, soil very polluted in nails and horseshoes. The surroundings of rivers and beaches very mineralized, terrains full of ferrites and granitic rocks. And the fields full of gold.

So the amateurs quickly have to spend mad sums. Alas, many soon realize that the detection is not done for them, because they have no enough time or no free time anymore, because the devices are too complex (the devices with prices more than 10,000 dollars are also completely incomprehensible), they do not have the patience to test the configurations and ultimately find only few coins; they are quickly tired of digging only to get nails, buttons and other iron waste. At the end they will have to sell their material on an online auction site, with a loss of 100, even 200 dollars. In the case of big brands, it will be easy to resell them. For devices of several thousand dollars, it won’t be an easy task to find a buyer.

So it may be better to go step by step and see what the detection gives with a cheap device.