A garden hose that does not take too much space

The traditional garden hoses are quite solid but they are too long and take an incredible place. They are difficult to roll up and store in a garden shed or in the garage. Not to mention their heavy weight. The fact that they constantly take up a lot of space increases the possibility of hitting it with a gardening object. And therefore to damage the pipe or at least to pierce it. In the long run, this will reduce its effectiveness. Unless of course we want to use it to indirectly spray the lawn.

The best would be to have a hose that retracts on itself even when it is not waterlogged. Nowadays, there is such a solution with the retractable expandable garden hose. This one has a multi-pressure sprayer, with different modes: shower, fog, flat, cone, jet. A nozzle adapts perfectly to several types of valve to receive water.

It shrinks completely, making it easy to transport and move. It is very flexible and durable in time. The pipe is made of high pressure triple layer latex, very strong. It is perfect for washing the car, for watering the plants, fruit trees, the garden, to water the lawn. Or clean an alley, a sidewalk, a porch, walls. But also to wash the dog, to wash windows, the walls of the pool.

At the end of the use, simply take care to empty the water inside the pipe and store it in its bag. Which we store in the garage, protected from sunlight.


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