What is the future of AMD CPUs?

Summit Ridge (2017)

These are the currently available processors with the name Ryzen 1000. The latest addition is the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X, announced after the 1950X and the 1920X. A 18 cores version (1980X) is not planned at the moment, to make eventually front to Intel Core i9-7980XE.

Pinnacle Ridge (2018)

AMD will move to FinFet 12 nm in the first quarter of 2018 (February 2018). With a refresh version of its current processors. So far AMD was talking about 14 nm+. The code name for this generation is Pinnacle. There will be no major evolution on the architecture. Problems related to the memory controller and Infinity Fabric should be resolved. The marketing name could be Ryzen 2000. These processors will compete directly with the Coffee Lake. Circuit density will increase by 15%, performance will be 10% higher.

Raven Ridge (2018)

These are the Ryzen for laptops. These APUs will have a total of 8 cores. The iGPUs will have more than 704 units of calculation.

Matisse (2019)

Then will come Zen 2, a major evolution with a completely renewed architecture. The engraving will be the 7 nm! While Intel on its side will offer its Cannon Lake, engraved in 10 nm.

Picasso (2019)

This will be the refreshed version of the Raven. It will have, among other things, better energy efficiency.

Zen 3 (2020)

The Zen architecture 3 is planned for 2020 horizon, with an engraving of 7 nm+.

Artificial intelligence

Like Intel and Nvidia, AMD is working on artificial intelligence. The company has also got a contract to replace the IA processors of Tesla cars, previously supplied by Nvidia with a market that represents $142 million annually.

When the industry will have reached the physical limit imposed by the thermal impasse, then conventional processors may be replaced by neuromorphic processors.


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