How can the French conservative party organize its big comeback?

What about the program of The Republicans

François Fillon’s program was the most elaborate in the 2017 presidential elections. It was the one that answered the most questions, which went into most details for most social issues.

The right should continue to raise its voice against Macron’s upcoming taxes. Also insist to promote cuts, savings in public administration with the computerization of services as Fillon wanted to do.

Ethics of the representative

So the problem was not the program, but the person who represented it, his personality, his story. How to make sure that he is not afflicted with the famous scandals that can defeat a whole party? It would be necessary to make a preliminary inquiry into the past of the possible suitors in order to be sure that they are clean.

It would be necessary to add a code to choose this individual. Someone who knows how to gather every body, who does not divide. Which is not a political cant, unfortunately the main blemish of the big moguls on the right. The people are tired of hearing purely protesting speeches, going so far as to contradict the party’s own ideas simply because they are carried out by an opposing group. Know how to acquiesce when it should be so. Someone who does not pass for a noble, an individual who has already worked in the private sector, who knows what it is to earn a living, and who has not always been pampered by the system.

The setbacks of the primaries

The left, via Hamon, chose to elect a program very far from previous years rather turned to ideas of the center left, or even the center right. The primaries are a source of real concern of course of action and leadership. People are more inclined to penalize a personality (in this case Manuel Valls), rather than choosing a program. In addition, members of a party will be tempted to participate in the primary elections of the opposing formation to choose the one who will be best able to lose against their own favorite.

It would be better to return to the previous system of choosing internally the one that was thought to be the most faithful to the fundamentals of his political family. While taking care to select a person that is not a cliché of pride, egoism, and pretentiousness.

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