Free interactive charts

Our note – free interactive charts API to display line charts, bar charts, pie charts, …

8/10 – Google Chart,

7/10 – NVD3,

7/10 – ECharts,
>>> ECharts examples on Github,
>>> ECharts examples on Colorlib,

7/10 – ChartJS,
>>> ChartJS examples on Codepen,
>>> ChartJS demos on Bezanilla-Solar,
>>> ChartJS line chart sample on Bl.ocks,

7/10 – DyGraphs,

6/10 – D3JS,
>>> D3JS line chart example on Bl.ocks,
>>> D3JS line chart example on Codepen,
>>> D3JS examples gallery on Github,
>>> D3JS examples list on Christopheviau,
>>> D3JS examples and demos on Techslides,
>>> D3JS simple chart example on Bl.ocks,
>>> D3JS bar chart example on Bl.ocks,
>>> D3JS examples on Dimplejs,
>>> D3JS examples on Bost.ocks,
>>> D3JS simple chart example on D3noob,

6/10 – N3 Charts,

5/10 – C3JS,

5/10 – PhpLot,

4/10 – PlottableJS,

3/10 – PChart,

3/10 – MorrisJS,

3/10 – Chartist JS,

3/10 – Flot Charts,

3/10 – Ember Charts,

3/10 – Rickshaw,

The best solution in theory is Google Chart. It proposes the most “beautiful” charts. However, one time on five, it will take few minutes to display because of, a Google servivce that grabs data from your website. So I suggest you to use another free API code.

Also, Google Chart and Phplot won’t work offline. They only work online. On the contrary the other will permits charts generation out of the Internet.

You may also want to check the best paid interactive charts services.