Free ebooks libraries in PDF, EPUB and MOBI

Here is a list of websites that propose to download free ebooks, with books that are in the public domain, or just published freely, in pdf, epub or mobi :

– Gutenberg, more than 36000 books, in different languages. In html, epub, mobi,text. Biographies, memories, songs, chronicles, fictions, law and justice, education, wars, history, humor, literature, musics, novels, paintings, society, philosophy, religion, politics, poetry, science fiction, press, sciences and techniques, sports and leisures, theater, cities, travels and countries. No inscription required.

Many ebooks,  more than 33000 free ebooks. In epub, pdf, mobi, prc, txt, rtf. Action and adventure, biographies, children’s, cooking and health, fantasy, historical fiction, horror, literay fiction, mystery and thriller, non fiction, romance, science fiction, teen and young adult.

Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing Press, 3522 books, adventure, africa, archeology, architecture, argentina, art, astronomy, biographies, buddhism, camping, children’s litterature, christianity, classical antiquity, contemporary reviews, education, engineering, fantasy, folklore, france, hinduism, history, horror, humor and satire, islam, italy, judaism, literature, love, mathematics, medicine, movie books, music, mystery fiction, mythology, new age, philosophy, physiology, plays, poetry, politics, psychology, religion, roman, science, science fiction, short stories, sociology, technology, travel, united states, wars. No inscription required.

You can also read romans and novels written by passionate people on Wattpad and Scribd (not free anymore).